A Savior In The Square Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song A Savior In The Square as performed by Dream Theater

Lyrics to song A Savior In The Square by Dream Theater

We have come to hear him sing
To see this gift your savior brings

A crowd has grown
And all are mesmerized
But silence quickly falls
As Lord Nafaryus arrives

Please don't stop on my account
Show us what we've heard so much about

In peace
We gather here today

Don't make him ask again
Do as my father says

Brother, worry not today
I will share my music
And they will soon be on their way
They only know the Noise Machines
So I'll treat them all to sonic ecstasy

Never in my dreams could I deserve
To ever see a vision quite like her
Then, unexpectedly
I'm taken by surprise
An angel just appeared before my eyes


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