My Last Farewell Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song My Last Farewell as performed by Dream Theater

Lyrics to song My Last Farewell by Dream Theater

Angels above
Have you deceived my eyes?
Be still my love
I won't leave your side

All my life
I have walked alone
Now I've found my home in you
Only I'm too late

Have I wandered into someone's nightmare?
This is more than any heart can bear

You stole my brother's life
How many more have to die
Before you will open your eyes?

Don't leave me now
Hold on for one more breath
Stay strong somehow
This can't be the end

All your life
You have walked alone
Now I am your home
So take my hand and don't let go

Crushing pain and crippling grief
Nothing like I've ever felt
God above and souls beneath
Hear my last farewell


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