Out Of Reach Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Out Of Reach as performed by Dream Theater

Lyrics to song Out Of Reach by Dream Theater

There's something about this girl
Some kind of magic
I swear she cast a spell on me
Not the first time
Might be the last
Can't let this moment slip away

Try to find the words
None sit right with me
Air of confidence
But I can barely breathe

She's without a care
Electrified and held there
A thousand volts igniting me
Her waves crash over me
Far below, out of reach
The undertow, my reverie

Sadness in her smile
Love, it's been a while
Near but far away
She chases it each day
A promise to come back
All the while still waiting
Seems it lost its way

Out of reach
Just too hard to reach
You're letting your life slip away
Out of reach
Yeah, it's hard to reach
There's another day
Although you're hurting and afraid
You're stronger than yesterday


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