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This lyrics archive contains a total of 58 song lyrics by artist Ed Sheeran. 53 of these are songs where Ed Sheeran perform alone, and 5 are songs where Ed Sheeran perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Ed Sheeran at the end of this lyrics archive.

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53 song lyrics with Ed Sheeran alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1AddictedEd Sheeran
  2. 2Autumn LeavesEd Sheeran
  3. 3Be Like YouEd Sheeran
  4. 4Beyond The PaleEd Sheeran
  5. 5Billy RuskinEd Sheeran
  6. 6Bonus TrackEd Sheeran
  7. 7Cold CoffeeEd Sheeran
  8. 8FallEd Sheeran
  9. 9FamilyEd Sheeran
  10. 10Fire AlarmsEd Sheeran
  11. 11Grade 8Ed Sheeran
  12. 12HomelessEd Sheeran
  13. 13I Can't SpellEd Sheeran
  14. 14I Love YouEd Sheeran
  15. 15I'm Glad I'm Not YouEd Sheeran
  16. 16In MemoryEd Sheeran
  17. 17Insomniac's LullabyEd Sheeran
  18. 18Last NightEd Sheeran
  19. 19Lego HouseEd Sheeran
  20. 20Let It OutEd Sheeran
  21. 21Little BirdEd Sheeran
  22. 22MiseryEd Sheeran
  23. 23NightmaresEd Sheeran
  24. 24No LuckEd Sheeran
  25. 25One NightEd Sheeran
  26. 26Open Your EarsEd Sheeran
  27. 27PauseEd Sheeran
  28. 28PostcardsEd Sheeran
  29. 29Quiet Ballad Of EdEd Sheeran
  30. 30RadioEd Sheeran
  31. 31SaraEd Sheeran
  32. 32SheEd Sheeran
  33. 33SmileEd Sheeran
  34. 34SoEd Sheeran
  35. 35SofaEd Sheeran
  36. 36SparkEd Sheeran
  37. 37StevensongEd Sheeran
  38. 38SunburnEd Sheeran
  39. 39The A TeamEd Sheeran
  40. 40The CityEd Sheeran
  41. 41The City (Live At Sticky Studios)Ed Sheeran
  42. 42The SeaEd Sheeran
  43. 43The West Coast Of ClareEd Sheeran
  44. 44Two Blokes and a Double BassEd Sheeran
  45. 45Typical AverageEd Sheeran
  46. 46UNIEd Sheeran
  47. 47Way HomeEd Sheeran
  48. 48Where We LandEd Sheeran
  49. 49Yellow PagesEd Sheeran
  50. 50You Break MeEd Sheeran
  51. 51You Break Me 2Ed Sheeran
  52. 52You Need Me, I Don't Need YouEd Sheeran
  53. 53You Need To Cut Your HairEd Sheeran

5 song lyrics with Ed Sheeran, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 54Dark TimesThe Weeknd & Ed Sheeran
  2. 55Everything Has ChangedTaylor Swift, Ed Sheeran
  3. 56LatelyEd Sheeran, Devlin
  4. 57Little LadyEd Sheeran, Mikill Pane
  5. 58Move OnEd Sheeran, Alonestar


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