Elvis Costello Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 494 song lyrics by artist Elvis Costello. 430 of these are songs where Elvis Costello perform alone, and 64 are songs where Elvis Costello perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Elvis Costello at the end of this lyrics archive.

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430 song lyrics with Elvis Costello alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.... This Town ...Elvis Costello
  2. 2....And in Every HomeElvis Costello
  3. 3....DustElvis Costello
  4. 4.(I Don't Want To Go To) ChelseaElvis Costello
  5. 5.(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red ShoesElvis Costello
  6. 6.(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And UnderstandingElvis Costello
  7. 7.13 Steps Lead DownElvis Costello
  8. 8.15 PetalsElvis Costello
  9. 9.20% AmnesiaElvis Costello
  10. 10.45Elvis Costello
  11. 11.5ive Gears In ReverseElvis Costello
  12. 12.A Slow Drag With JosephineElvis Costello
  13. 13.A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing)Elvis Costello
  14. 14.A Voice in the DarkElvis Costello
  15. 15.Abandoned MasqueradeElvis Costello
  16. 16.Accidents Will HappenElvis Costello
  17. 17.After The FallElvis Costello
  18. 18.AlibiElvis Costello
  19. 19.AlisonElvis Costello
  20. 20.All Grown UpElvis Costello
  21. 21.All The RageElvis Costello
  22. 22.All These StrangersElvis Costello
  23. 23.All These ThingsElvis Costello
  24. 24.All This Useless BeautyElvis Costello
  25. 25.Almost BlueElvis Costello
  26. 26.Almost Ideal EyesElvis Costello
  27. 27.American Without TearsElvis Costello
  28. 28.American Without Tears #2 (Twilight Version)Elvis Costello
  29. 29.Any King's ShillingElvis Costello
  30. 30.Ascension DayElvis Costello
  31. 31.B MovieElvis Costello
  32. 32.Baby It's YouElvis Costello
  33. 33.Baby Plays AroundElvis Costello
  34. 34.Back On My FeetElvis Costello
  35. 35.Bama Lama Bama LooElvis Costello
  36. 36.Battered Old BirdElvis Costello
  37. 37.Beaten To The PunchElvis Costello
  38. 38.BedlamElvis Costello
  39. 39.Beyond BeliefElvis Costello
  40. 40.Big BoysElvis Costello
  41. 41.Big TearsElvis Costello
  42. 42.Black Sails In The SunsetElvis Costello
  43. 43.Blame It On CainElvis Costello
  44. 44.Blue ChairElvis Costello
  45. 45.Bright Blue TimesElvis Costello
  46. 46.Brilliant DisguiseElvis Costello
  47. 47.BrokenElvis Costello
  48. 48.Broken Promise LandElvis Costello
  49. 49.Brown To BlueElvis Costello
  50. 50.Bullets For The New-Born KingElvis Costello
  51. 51.Burnt Sugar Is So BitterElvis Costello
  52. 52.Busy BodiesElvis Costello
  53. 53.Button My LipElvis Costello
  54. 54.Can You Be True?Elvis Costello
  55. 55.Changing PartnersElvis Costello
  56. 56.Cheap RewardElvis Costello
  57. 57.Chemistry ClassElvis Costello
  58. 58.Chewing GumElvis Costello
  59. 59.Church UndergroundElvis Costello
  60. 60.Clown StrikeElvis Costello
  61. 61.Clowntime Is OverElvis Costello
  62. 62.ClublandElvis Costello
  63. 63.Coal Train RobberiesElvis Costello
  64. 64.Colour Of The BluesElvis Costello
  65. 65.Come Away, DeathElvis Costello
  66. 66.Complicated ShadowsElvis Costello
  67. 67.Couldn't Call it Unexpected No. 4Elvis Costello
  68. 68.Couldn't You Keep That To YourselfElvis Costello
  69. 69.Country DarknessElvis Costello
  70. 70.Crawling To The U.S.A.Elvis Costello
  71. 71.Crimes Of ParisElvis Costello
  72. 72.Cry, Cry, CryElvis Costello
  73. 73.Daddy Can I Turn This?Elvis Costello
  74. 74.Damnation's CellarElvis Costello
  75. 75.DaysElvis Costello
  76. 76.Dear Sweet Filthy WorldElvis Costello
  77. 77.Deep Dark Truthful MirrorElvis Costello
  78. 78.Deep Dead BlueElvis Costello
  79. 79.Deportee (Demo)Elvis Costello
  80. 80.Dirty Rotten ShameElvis Costello
  81. 81.DissolveElvis Costello
  82. 82.Distorted AngelElvis Costello
  83. 83.Don't Be Careless LoveElvis Costello
  84. 84.Don't Let me Be MisunderstoodElvis Costello
  85. 85.Down Among The Wine And SpiritsElvis Costello
  86. 86.Dr. Luther's AssistantElvis Costello
  87. 87.Dr. Watson, I PresumeElvis Costello
  88. 88.Dust 2...Elvis Costello
  89. 89.Eisenhower BluesElvis Costello
  90. 90.Either Side Of The Same TownElvis Costello
  91. 91.Episode Of BlondeElvis Costello
  92. 92.Everybody's Crying MercyElvis Costello
  93. 93.Everyday I Write The BookElvis Costello
  94. 94.Expert RitesElvis Costello
  95. 95.Fake Tin StarElvis Costello
  96. 96.FallenElvis Costello
  97. 97.Favourite HourElvis Costello
  98. 98.Fire Suite 1Elvis Costello
  99. 99.Fire Suite 3Elvis Costello
  100. 100.Fire Suite RepriseElvis Costello
  101. 101.Five Small WordsElvis Costello
  102. 102.For Other EyesElvis Costello
  103. 103.Forgive Her AnythingElvis Costello
  104. 104.Freedom For The StallionElvis Costello
  105. 105.Georgie And Her RivalElvis Costello
  106. 106.Get Yourself Another FoolElvis Costello
  107. 107.Getting Mighty CrowdedElvis Costello
  108. 108.Ghost TrainElvis Costello
  109. 109.Girls TalkElvis Costello
  110. 110.Glitter GulchElvis Costello
  111. 111.Gloomy SundayElvis Costello
  112. 112.God Give Me StrengthElvis Costello
  113. 113.God's ComicElvis Costello
  114. 114.Good Year For The RosesElvis Costello
  115. 115.Goon SquadElvis Costello
  116. 116.Green ShirtElvis Costello
  117. 117.Hand In HandElvis Costello
  118. 118.Harpies BizarreElvis Costello
  119. 119.Heart-Shaped BruiseElvis Costello
  120. 120.Heathen TownElvis Costello
  121. 121.Hidden CharmsElvis Costello
  122. 122.Hidden ShameElvis Costello
  123. 123.High FidelityElvis Costello
  124. 124.Home is Anywhere You Hang Your HeadElvis Costello
  125. 125.Home TruthElvis Costello
  126. 126.Honey HushElvis Costello
  127. 127.Honey, Are You Straight Or Are You Blind?Elvis Costello
  128. 128.Hoover FactoryElvis Costello
  129. 129.Hora DecubitusElvis Costello
  130. 130.How Deep is the RedElvis Costello
  131. 131.How Much I LiedElvis Costello
  132. 132.How to Be DumbElvis Costello
  133. 133.Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)Elvis Costello
  134. 134.I Almost Had a WeaknessElvis Costello
  135. 135.I Can't Stand Up For Falling DownElvis Costello
  136. 136.I Dreamed Of My Old Lover Last NightElvis Costello
  137. 137.I Felt The ChillElvis Costello
  138. 138.I HopeElvis Costello
  139. 139.I Hope You're Happy NowElvis Costello
  140. 140.I Just Don't Know What To Do With MyselfElvis Costello
  141. 141.I Lost YouElvis Costello
  142. 142.I Stand AccusedElvis Costello
  143. 143.I Thought I'd Write To JulietElvis Costello
  144. 144.I Threw it All AwayElvis Costello
  145. 145.I Throw My Toys AroundElvis Costello
  146. 146.I Turn AroundElvis Costello
  147. 147.I Wanna be LovedElvis Costello
  148. 148.I Want to VanishElvis Costello
  149. 149.I Want YouElvis Costello
  150. 150.I'll Never Fall in Love AgainElvis Costello
  151. 151.I'll Wear It ProudlyElvis Costello
  152. 152.I'm in the Mood AgainElvis Costello
  153. 153.I'm Not AngryElvis Costello
  154. 154.I'm Your ToyElvis Costello
  155. 155.Imagination (Is A Powerful Deceiver)Elvis Costello
  156. 156.ImpatienceElvis Costello
  157. 157.Imperial BedroomElvis Costello
  158. 158.In Another RoomElvis Costello
  159. 159.Inch By InchElvis Costello
  160. 160.Indoor FireworksElvis Costello
  161. 161.International EchoElvis Costello
  162. 162.Invasion Hit ParadeElvis Costello
  163. 163.It Tears me UpElvis Costello
  164. 164.It's TimeElvis Costello
  165. 165.Jack Of All ParadesElvis Costello
  166. 166.Jacksons, Monk And RoweElvis Costello
  167. 167.Jimmie Standing in the RainElvis Costello
  168. 168.Jump UpElvis Costello
  169. 169.Just a MemoryElvis Costello
  170. 170.Just About GladElvis Costello
  171. 171.Kinder MurderElvis Costello
  172. 172.King HorseElvis Costello
  173. 173.King of ConfidenceElvis Costello
  174. 174.Last Boat LeavingElvis Costello
  175. 175.Leave My Kitten AloneElvis Costello
  176. 176.Less Than ZeroElvis Costello
  177. 177.Less Than Zero (Dallas Version)Elvis Costello
  178. 178.Lesson In CrueltyElvis Costello
  179. 179.Let Him DangleElvis Costello
  180. 180.Let Me Tell You About HerElvis Costello
  181. 181.Let Them All TalkElvis Costello
  182. 182.Life ShrinksElvis Costello
  183. 183.Lip ServiceElvis Costello
  184. 184.Lipstick VogueElvis Costello
  185. 185.Little AtomsElvis Costello
  186. 186.Little Goody two ShoesElvis Costello
  187. 187.Little PalacesElvis Costello
  188. 188.Little TriggersElvis Costello
  189. 189.Living In ParadiseElvis Costello
  190. 190.London's Brilliant ParadeElvis Costello
  191. 191.Long Journey HomeElvis Costello
  192. 192.Lost In The StarsElvis Costello
  193. 193.LovableElvis Costello
  194. 194.Love FieldElvis Costello
  195. 195.Love For SaleElvis Costello
  196. 196.Love For TenderElvis Costello
  197. 197.Lover's WalkElvis Costello
  198. 198.Lovers That Never WereElvis Costello
  199. 199.Man Out Of TimeElvis Costello
  200. 200.Miracle ManElvis Costello
  201. 201.Mischievous GhostElvis Costello
  202. 202.Miss MacbethElvis Costello
  203. 203.Miss MaryElvis Costello
  204. 204.Mistress And MaidElvis Costello
  205. 205.Monkey To ManElvis Costello
  206. 206.Moods For ModernsElvis Costello
  207. 207.Motel MatchesElvis Costello
  208. 208.Must You Throw Dirt In My FaceElvis Costello
  209. 209.My All Time DollElvis Costello
  210. 210.My Brave FaceElvis Costello
  211. 211.My Dark LifeElvis Costello
  212. 212.My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count)Elvis Costello
  213. 213.My Funny ValentineElvis Costello
  214. 214.My Little Blue WindowElvis Costello
  215. 215.My Lovely JezebelElvis Costello
  216. 216.My Mood SwingsElvis Costello
  217. 217.My Science Fiction TwinElvis Costello
  218. 218.My Shoes Keep Walking Back To YouElvis Costello
  219. 219.My ThiefElvis Costello
  220. 220.Mystery DanceElvis Costello
  221. 221.Mystery Dance (Acoustic w/ Extra Verse)Elvis Costello
  222. 222.National RansomElvis Costello
  223. 223.Nearer To YouElvis Costello
  224. 224.Needle TimeElvis Costello
  225. 225.New AmsterdamElvis Costello
  226. 226.New Lace SleevesElvis Costello
  227. 227.Next Time 'RoundElvis Costello
  228. 228.Night RallyElvis Costello
  229. 229.Night TimeElvis Costello
  230. 230.No ActionElvis Costello
  231. 231.No DancingElvis Costello
  232. 232.No WonderElvis Costello
  233. 233.NorthElvis Costello
  234. 234.Nothing Clings Like IvyElvis Costello
  235. 235.O, Mistress MineElvis Costello
  236. 236.Oh WellElvis Costello
  237. 237.Oliver's ArmyElvis Costello
  238. 238.On Your Way DownElvis Costello
  239. 239.One Bell RingingElvis Costello
  240. 240.OpportunityElvis Costello
  241. 241.Our Little AngelElvis Costello
  242. 242.Pads, Paws And ClawsElvis Costello
  243. 243.Painted from MemoryElvis Costello
  244. 244.Party GirlElvis Costello
  245. 245.Party PartyElvis Costello
  246. 246.Passionate FightElvis Costello
  247. 247.Pay it BackElvis Costello
  248. 248.PaydayElvis Costello
  249. 249.Peace In Our TimeElvis Costello
  250. 250.Pills And SoapElvis Costello
  251. 251.Playboy To A ManElvis Costello
  252. 252.Please StayElvis Costello
  253. 253.Poison MoonElvis Costello
  254. 254.Poisoned RoseElvis Costello
  255. 255.Pony StreetElvis Costello
  256. 256.Poor Fractured AtlasElvis Costello
  257. 257.Poor NapoleonElvis Costello
  258. 258.PossessionElvis Costello
  259. 259.Pouring Water On A Drowning ManElvis Costello
  260. 260.Pretty WordsElvis Costello
  261. 261.PsychoElvis Costello
  262. 262.Pump It UpElvis Costello
  263. 263.Punishing KissElvis Costello
  264. 264.Put Away Forbidden PlaythingsElvis Costello
  265. 265.Put Your Big Toe in the Milk of Human KindnessElvis Costello
  266. 266.Radio RadioElvis Costello
  267. 267.Radio SilenceElvis Costello
  268. 268.Radio SweetheartElvis Costello
  269. 269.Really MystifiedElvis Costello
  270. 270.Red CottonElvis Costello
  271. 271.Remove This DoubtElvis Costello
  272. 272.Riot ActElvis Costello
  273. 273.Rocking Horse RoadElvis Costello
  274. 274.Romeo's SeanceElvis Costello
  275. 275.Room With No NumberElvis Costello
  276. 276.Running Out of AngelsElvis Costello
  277. 277.Running Out of FoolsElvis Costello
  278. 278.Sad About GirlsElvis Costello
  279. 279.SatelliteElvis Costello
  280. 280.Secondary ModernElvis Costello
  281. 281.Seconds of PleasureElvis Costello
  282. 282.Senior ServiceElvis Costello
  283. 283.Shabby DollElvis Costello
  284. 284.Shadow And JimmyElvis Costello
  285. 285.Shallow GraveElvis Costello
  286. 286.ShatterproofElvis Costello
  287. 287.SheElvis Costello
  288. 288.She (Tous Les Visages De L'amour)Elvis Costello
  289. 289.She Handed Me A MirrorElvis Costello
  290. 290.She Was No GoodElvis Costello
  291. 291.She's Pulling Out The PinElvis Costello
  292. 292.ShipbuildingElvis Costello
  293. 293.Shoes Without HeelsElvis Costello
  294. 294.Sittin' And Thinkin'Elvis Costello
  295. 295.Six-Fingered ManElvis Costello
  296. 296.Sleep Of The JustElvis Costello
  297. 297.Sleepless NightsElvis Costello
  298. 298.Sneaky FeelingsElvis Costello
  299. 299.So Like CandyElvis Costello
  300. 300.So YoungElvis Costello
  301. 301.Someone Took The Words AwayElvis Costello
  302. 302.Song With RoseElvis Costello
  303. 303.Soul for HireElvis Costello
  304. 304.Soul For Hire (45 Alibis Version)Elvis Costello
  305. 305.Sour Milk-Cow BluesElvis Costello
  306. 306.Speak Darkly My AngelElvis Costello
  307. 307.Spooky GirlfriendElvis Costello
  308. 308.St. Stephen's Day MurdersElvis Costello
  309. 309.Stalin MaloneElvis Costello
  310. 310.Stalin Malone (2)Elvis Costello
  311. 311.Starting To Come To MeElvis Costello
  312. 312.Stations Of The CrossElvis Costello
  313. 313.Step Inside LoveElvis Costello
  314. 314.Sticks And StonesElvis Costello
  315. 315.StillElvis Costello
  316. 316.Still Too Soon to KnowElvis Costello
  317. 317.StrangeElvis Costello
  318. 318.Stranger In The HouseElvis Costello
  319. 319.SuccessElvis Costello
  320. 320.Such Unlikely LoversElvis Costello
  321. 321.Suffering FaceElvis Costello
  322. 322.Suit Of LightsElvis Costello
  323. 323.Sulky GirlElvis Costello
  324. 324.Sulphur To SugarcaneElvis Costello
  325. 325.Sunday's BestElvis Costello
  326. 326.Suspect my TearsElvis Costello
  327. 327.Sweet DreamsElvis Costello
  328. 328.Sweet PearElvis Costello
  329. 329.SwineElvis Costello
  330. 330.Taking my Life in Your HandsElvis Costello
  331. 331.Talking in the DarkElvis Costello
  332. 332.TartElvis Costello
  333. 333.Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution)Elvis Costello
  334. 334.Tears, Tears and More TearsElvis Costello
  335. 335.TemptationElvis Costello
  336. 336.That Day Is DoneElvis Costello
  337. 337.That's How You Got Killed BeforeElvis Costello
  338. 338.That's Not The Part Of HimElvis Costello
  339. 339.The BeatElvis Costello
  340. 340.The Big LightElvis Costello
  341. 341.The Birds Will Still Be SingingElvis Costello
  342. 342.The Bridge I BurnedElvis Costello
  343. 343.The ComediansElvis Costello
  344. 344.The Crooked LineElvis Costello
  345. 345.The Days Take Care of EverythingElvis Costello
  346. 346.The Delivery ManElvis Costello
  347. 347.The Deportees ClubElvis Costello
  348. 348.The Fall Of The World's Own OptimistElvis Costello
  349. 349.The First To LeaveElvis Costello
  350. 350.The Flirting KindElvis Costello
  351. 351.The Greatest LoveElvis Costello
  352. 352.The Greatest ThingElvis Costello
  353. 353.The Invisible ManElvis Costello
  354. 354.The JudgementElvis Costello
  355. 355.The King of the Unknown SeaElvis Costello
  356. 356.The Letter HomeElvis Costello
  357. 357.The Long DivisionElvis Costello
  358. 358.The Long HoneymoonElvis Costello
  359. 359.The Loved OnesElvis Costello
  360. 360.The Name Of This Thing Is Not LoveElvis Costello
  361. 361.The Night Before Larry Was StretchedElvis Costello
  362. 362.The Only Daddy That'll Walk the LineElvis Costello
  363. 363.The Only Flame In TownElvis Costello
  364. 364.The Other End (of the Telescope)Elvis Costello
  365. 365.The Other Side of SummerElvis Costello
  366. 366.The People's LimousineElvis Costello
  367. 367.The River in ReverseElvis Costello
  368. 368.The Scarlet TideElvis Costello
  369. 369.The Sharpest ThornElvis Costello
  370. 370.The Spell That You CastElvis Costello
  371. 371.The Sweetest PunchElvis Costello
  372. 372.The Unfailing Welcome to the VoiceElvis Costello
  373. 373.The Very Thought Of YouElvis Costello
  374. 374.The World and his Wife (Live)Elvis Costello
  375. 375.There Won't Be AnymoreElvis Costello
  376. 376.There's A Story In Your VoiceElvis Costello
  377. 377.They'll Never Take herElvis Costello
  378. 378.This Is HellElvis Costello
  379. 379.This Offer Is UnrepeatableElvis Costello
  380. 380.This Sad BurlesqueElvis Costello
  381. 381.This Year's GirlElvis Costello
  382. 382.Tiny StepsElvis Costello
  383. 383.TKO (Boxing Day)Elvis Costello
  384. 384.Tokyo Storm WarningElvis Costello
  385. 385.Tommy's Coming HomeElvis Costello
  386. 386.Tonight The Bottle Let Me DownElvis Costello
  387. 387.Too BlueElvis Costello
  388. 388.Too Far GoneElvis Costello
  389. 389.Town Where Time Stood StillElvis Costello
  390. 390.Tramp The Dirt DownElvis Costello
  391. 391.Turning The Town RedElvis Costello
  392. 392.Twenty-Five FingersElvis Costello
  393. 393.Twenty-Five to TwelveElvis Costello
  394. 394.Two Little HitlersElvis Costello
  395. 395.Unwanted NumberElvis Costello
  396. 396.Upon a Veil of Midnight BlueElvis Costello
  397. 397.VeronicaElvis Costello
  398. 398.Waiting For The End Of The WorldElvis Costello
  399. 399.Walking On Thin IceElvis Costello
  400. 400.Watch Your StepElvis Costello
  401. 401.Watching The DetectivesElvis Costello
  402. 402.Wave A White FlagElvis Costello
  403. 403.Wednesday WeekElvis Costello
  404. 404.Welcome to the Working WeekElvis Costello
  405. 405.What Do I Do Now?Elvis Costello
  406. 406.What's Her Name Today?Elvis Costello
  407. 407.When Did I Stop Dreaming?Elvis Costello
  408. 408.When Green Eyes Turn BlueElvis Costello
  409. 409.When I was Cruel No. 1Elvis Costello
  410. 410.When I Was Cruel No. 2Elvis Costello
  411. 411.When It SingsElvis Costello
  412. 412.When That I Was And A Little Tiny BoyElvis Costello
  413. 413.Where Is The LoveElvis Costello
  414. 414.Who do You Think You Are?Elvis Costello
  415. 415.Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further?Elvis Costello
  416. 416.Why Can't a Man Stand Alone?Elvis Costello
  417. 417.Why?Elvis Costello
  418. 418.Withered And DiedElvis Costello
  419. 419.Wonder WomanElvis Costello
  420. 420.Worthless ThingElvis Costello
  421. 421.You Belong to meElvis Costello
  422. 422.You Bowed DownElvis Costello
  423. 423.You Hung The MoonElvis Costello
  424. 424.You Left me in the DarkElvis Costello
  425. 425.You Stole my BellElvis Costello
  426. 426.You Tripped At Every StepElvis Costello
  427. 427.You Turned To MeElvis Costello
  428. 428.You Want Her TooElvis Costello
  429. 429.Your Angel Steps Out of HeavenElvis Costello
  430. 430.Your Mind is on Vacation/Your Funeral and my TrialElvis Costello

64 song lyrics with Elvis Costello, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 431.American Gangster TimeElvis Costello, The Imposters
  2. 432.Baby's Got a Brand New HairdoElvis Costello, The Attractions
  3. 433.Big Sister's ClothesElvis Costello, The Attractions
  4. 434.Big Sister's ClothesElvis Costello, The Attractions
  5. 435.Black and White WorldElvis Costello, The Attractions
  6. 436.Boy With a ProblemElvis Costello, The Attractions
  7. 437.Brilliant MistakeElvis Costello, The Attractions
  8. 438.Charm SchoolElvis Costello, The Attractions
  9. 439.Clean MoneyElvis Costello, The Attractions
  10. 440.Deep Dead Blue (2)Elvis Costello, Bill Frisell
  11. 441.Different FingerElvis Costello, The Attractions
  12. 442.Drum & BoneElvis Costello, The Imposters
  13. 443.Fish 'N' Chip PaperElvis Costello, The Attractions
  14. 444.Flutter & WowElvis Costello, The Imposters
  15. 445.For the StarsElvis Costello, Anne Sofie Von Otter
  16. 446.From a Whisper to a ScreamElvis Costello, The Attractions
  17. 447.From Head to ToeElvis Costello, The Attractions
  18. 448.GigiElvis Costello, Bill Frisell
  19. 449.Go AwayElvis Costello, The Imposters
  20. 450.Green SongElvis Costello, Anne Sofie Von Otter
  21. 451.Harry WorthElvis Costello, The Imposters
  22. 452.Human HandsElvis Costello, The Attractions
  23. 453.Human TouchElvis Costello, The Attractions
  24. 454.I Still Have That Other GirlElvis Costello, Burt Bacharach
  25. 455.In The Darkest PlaceElvis Costello, Burt Bacharach
  26. 456.Joe PorterhouseElvis Costello, The Attractions
  27. 457.Just a CurioElvis Costello, Anne Sofie Von Otter
  28. 458.Kid About itElvis Costello, The Attractions
  29. 459.King of ThievesElvis Costello, The Attractions
  30. 460.Little SavageElvis Costello, The Attractions
  31. 461.Love Went MadElvis Costello, The Attractions
  32. 462.LuxembourgElvis Costello, The Attractions
  33. 463.Men Called UncleElvis Costello, The Attractions
  34. 464.Mouth AlmightyElvis Costello, The Attractions
  35. 465.Mr. FeathersElvis Costello, The Imposters
  36. 466.My Three SonsElvis Costello, The Imposters
  37. 467.No Hiding PlaceElvis Costello, The Imposters
  38. 468.Pardon Me Madam, My Name Is EveElvis Costello, The Imposters
  39. 469.Pidgin EnglishElvis Costello, The Attractions
  40. 470.RopeElvis Costello, Anne Sofie Von Otter
  41. 471.Seven Day WeekendElvis Costello, Jimmy Cliff
  42. 472.Shamed Into LoveElvis Costello, Bill Frisell
  43. 473.Shot With His Own GunElvis Costello, The Attractions
  44. 474.Stella HurtElvis Costello, The Imposters
  45. 475.Strict TimeElvis Costello, The Attractions
  46. 476.Tears at the Birthday PartyElvis Costello, Burt Bacharach
  47. 477.Tears Before BedtimeElvis Costello, The Attractions
  48. 478.The Element Within HerElvis Costello, The Attractions
  49. 479.The Great UnknownElvis Costello, The Attractions
  50. 480.The ImposterElvis Costello, The Attractions
  51. 481.The Stamping GroundElvis Costello, The Attractions
  52. 482.The World and His WifeElvis Costello, The Attractions
  53. 483.The World of Broken HeartsElvis Costello, The Attractions
  54. 484.This House is Empty NowElvis Costello, Burt Bacharach
  55. 485.ToledoElvis Costello, Burt Bacharach
  56. 486.Town CryerElvis Costello, The Attractions
  57. 487.TurpentineElvis Costello, The Imposters
  58. 488.UncomplicatedElvis Costello, The Attractions
  59. 489.Weird NightmareElvis Costello, Bill Frisell
  60. 490.What a Catch, DonnieFall Out Boy, Elvis Costello
  61. 491.White KnucklesElvis Costello, The Attractions
  62. 492.Why Don't You Love me (Like You Used to do)?Elvis Costello, The Attractions
  63. 493.You Little FoolElvis Costello, The Attractions
  64. 494.You'll Never Be a ManElvis Costello, The Attractions


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