Catchin' on Fast Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Catchin' on Fast as performed by Elvis Presley

Lyrics to song Catchin' on Fast by Elvis Presley

(Words & music by Giant - Baum - Kaye)
Won't you show me how to kiss
Put your lips on mine
Do you do it just like this
Tell me I'm doing fine
We got a good thing going now take your time
Come on and make it last.
Love may be new to you but
Oooh, I'm catchin' on fast

Give, give, gimme all you've got to give
Love, love, love every moment you live
Now you've taught me all you know
Have I passed the test
Show me all you've got to show
Baby you're the best

But tell me I've learned quickly
and I know each trick
I'm sure love's gonna last
Love maybe new to you but Oooh
I'm catchin' on fast


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