Jimmy Crack Corn Remix Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Jimmy Crack Corn Remix as performed together by Eminem&Cashis

Lyrics to song Jimmy Crack Corn Remix by Eminem feat. Cashis

Ca$his: REMIX!
Eminem: The crabby little basterd that I am
Sly what a f**k a sick son of a bitch
Silly little rabbit Trix are for kids
This is what the moral to the story is
Ca$his: Re-Up!

Verse 1: Eminem
Jimmy can crack corn, but I don't care
My enemies crack corn, but I don't care
You can be black, white or a albino yeah
You can have corn rows inside your hair
I give a f*k if I don't like your stare
This bottle of wine goes upside your head
A little bit psycho, but I know that
Think you just don't say it, then I won't say it
See if you don't brag, then I don't brag
I know I'm bad, as long as I know I'm bad
I don't need y'all to co-sign no shit
You can just keep making them tired old threats
A little bit like the boy you cried wolf yeah
See me, but don't dare to try no shit
Cause you know that somewhere inside those layers
A rattlesnake's right there to bite your ass
And I can be so quiet and strike so fast
Like lightning bolts right out the sky go
From outta nowhere, you might find your career