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Lyrics in Album The Rebirth 2 (2019)

There is a total of 32 lyrics in Album The Rebirth 2 (2019). Pick your favourite song and start singing.

Song titleArtist names
  1. 1TR2 IntroEric Bellinger
  2. 2Apple Berry NanaEric Bellinger
  3. 3Type a WayEric Bellinger ft. Chris Brown & OG Parker
  4. 4InnocentEric Bellinger
  5. 5The Sexy SongEric Bellinger
  6. 6KINGEric Bellinger
  7. 7ActionEric Bellinger
  8. 8Back It UpEric Bellinger ft. BJ The Chicago Kid
  9. 9No GamesEric Bellinger ft. Brittany B
  10. 10Freaky Deaky InterludeEric Bellinger
  11. 11More Of Your LoveEric Bellinger ft. Ne-Yo
  12. 12Today I Got TimeEric Bellinger
  13. 13Shadows In The DarkEric Bellinger ft. Jeremih
  14. 14That's WhyEric Bellinger ft. Nipsey Hussle
  15. 15W.O.W.Eric Bellinger ft. Jaylien
  16. 16Day After ForeverEric Bellinger
  17. 17Drive ByEric Bellinger
  18. 18Mean What You SayEric Bellinger
  19. 19Not a Love SongEric Bellinger ft. Ma$e
  20. 20RepeatEric Bellinger
  21. 21Lay UpEric Bellinger
  22. 22MooDEric Bellinger
  23. 23Make up for ItEric Bellinger
  24. 24EazyEric Bellinger
  25. 25iPod on ShuffleEric Bellinger
  26. 26Ether / Doze Off / InceptionEric Bellinger
  27. 27PrivacyEric Bellinger ft. Problem
  28. 28Remind HerEric Bellinger ft. RJ
  29. 29Staring At The CeilingEric Bellinger ft. Dom Kennedy
  30. 30InstafamousEric Bellinger ft. Sha Sha Jones
  31. 31Malibu NightsEric Bellinger ft. Victoria Monet
  32. 32Can't Hurry LoveEric Bellinger


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