Back To The Future Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Back To The Future as performed together by Eric Bellinger&Audio Push

Lyrics to song Back To The Future by Eric Bellinger feat. Audio Push

Intro: Audio Push
It's just, it's all because
We were, we were in the past and
Now we're in the future but,
I want the past to be the future

Verse 1: Audio Push
Yeah, I'm your soul-mate so face it love
You runnin' from my heart
I'm tryin to chase your love
Cause I was once told
That the saddest thing in life
Is to see a heart broke off wasted love
I wanna lay where I ain't been in a minute
And take my love back like I was in here givin'
So baby girl can you grant me one blessin'
And answer this question?

Verse 2: Eric Bellinger
Girl what happened to the woman
I fell in love with
She was my bestfriend
I guess she got lost with the man,
That I was, he used to be there
Now he don't even care at all

Chorus: Eric Bellinger
We used to kiss a little longer
Our hugs were tighter
Do you remember that
Baby lets go back
Lets go back, back, back, back, back
Let's go back, back, back, back, back
Back, back, to the past
Lets make it the future
Lets fix the future
Takin it back
Lets go back, back (bring it), back, back (wanna go)
Back, back to the future

Verse 3: Eric Bellinger
Girl what happened to that fire, its gone
Everything is cold
what'd I do to you
tell me where we need to go
so I can beat it up
maybe I just need to **** it up
if so, baby say a word, oh


Verse 4: Audio Push
Yeah, baby take back to your lovin'
I'm tryin to wife you baby
comeback to your husband
Right back to the covers
where we was grabbin and touchin
and i was saying I love you
and you was scratchin and rubbin
but now, but now you tellin me that single is what you wanna be
your girlfriends tellin me you is who they wanna be
and now they wonderin how you could let the best go
Girl let the stress go and baby lets go



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