By Now Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song By Now as performed by Eric Bellinger

Lyrics to song By Now by Eric Bellinger

You should know by now, by now
You should know by now, by now

I've been on the road 16 days
I've been really grinding, going hard right now
I know that I'm hardly ever home, baby
I know that I'm hardly ever home, baby
Even though, I'm out there with the homies
I feel like I'm all on my own, baby
I wanna go back to the old days
When it was just you and me only
Girl, loving you is a habit
Yeah, even though a young nigga had it
You ain't even know a young nigga was trapping
You ain't even know I put the product in the mattress
I swear, all I gotta say is you should know

You should know by now, by now

If I hit again, then it might go down
Hit you with a text when I'm back in town
'Cause you know you got my whole eyes ?
And in my heart, you'll always say
Balling hard like I'm MJ
Yeah, ? girl I fade away
I understand why you left I can't complain
Just get that, I'm just saying

You should know by now, by now

Yeah, I know I fucked up now
And it's messed as I said
I understand what's up must come down
If I had a dollar for every time your ex nigga hated, there'd be nothing I can't buy
Spend it on you baby, used to give me the best vibe
Never was complaining took a train to the west side
Just to see you, baby, I did (I did)
'Cause you did ('cause you did)
We did (we did), we both said that we would not end
Stop pretending like you didn't

You should know by now, by now
You should know by now, by now
You should know by now, by now
By now, by now
Baby, you should know by know
Baby, you should
Baby, you should, you should know by now

Look at the crib, look at your mind, look at the sun, look at your mind
Baby you should know
Baby you should know
(What more?) I don't wanna have to miss your love
What more do you want from me?
(Baby) I give you 13 thousand dollars a month, baby, yeah
Oh, what more? What more? What more can I do?
I really wanna know, really wanna know
You really gotta tell me
'Cause baby, I'ma show you what you need, I got it, I'll give it, baby
Ohh, baby, I don't wanna close my eyes
I don't wanna fall asleep
'Cause I miss you, babe
And I need you, babe
I gotta have you, babe


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