Cuffing Season Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Cuffing Season as performed by Eric Bellinger

Lyrics to song Cuffing Season by Eric Bellinger

I know you've been through some things, so have I baby, yeah
So don't let your past reflect you
Cause the bond we've got's from heaven
Baby don't block your blessings with me
Cause when I kiss your lips
I can feel all the heartache and the pain in your soul
So I cope with he fact that you keep holding back
Girl I won't give up until I teach you how to love
If I gotta hold you till the end
I wanna make all the wrongs right and change in your life
I can open your mind if you let me
Teach you how to love
Tell me if you with it
Teach you how to love
I'm down babe, I'm committed
Teach you how to love
Anything you need baby, I'll provide
Teach you how to love
I can change your life if you let me
Cuffing season's here
I can change your life if you let me
(Cuffing season's here)
Now that you're mine, now that you're mine
I ain't worried 'bout leaving it inside, keep it inside you, yeah
(If you let me)
And now that the world know that we closer
It's gon' be enough of them girls to give 'em closure
(If you let me)
So if you let me I'll teach you
If you let me teach you I can tell you things you've never seen
Things you've never seen, things you've never seen
When I give it to you, ain't gon' be no place you'd rather be
Place you'd rather be
Except for here with me
(Cuffing season's here)


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