Love Galore Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Love Galore as performed by Eric Bellinger

Lyrics to song Love Galore by Eric Bellinger

(originally by SZA)

I need, I need
I need, I need
I need, I need
I need, I need
I need...
It's easier, so easy, yeah
(Hol' up)

Love, love, love, love
Long as we got
Love love love...

Done with these bitches, I'm done with these bitches
I dust off these bitches, do it for fun
Don't take it personal, personally
I'm surprised you called me after the things I said

Skrt skrt on niggas, skrt skrt on these bitches
Skrt down and they do it for free
Girl you know we, wasn't more than a summer fling
I said farewell, thought you took it well
Told me you wouldn't cry over spilled milk
Gimme another towel, go turn up the volume
We just need an hour or two, so we can do what we do, baby
(So we can do what we do...)

You know I'm yours, I know you're mine
(So we can do what we do...)
You know what, Imma make it do what it do baby

If I didn't ride blade on curb would you still love me
If I minimized my net worth would you still love me
Keep it one hunnid, I'd rather you trust me in fact love me
Keep it a whole one hunn', if I don't got you I don't got nothing

Do you hear the words I'm saying
I'm talking to you
Cause I wanna be with you
Eh, I wanna lay with you
I wanna be in love, love
In love, in love (this gone be your fav)
Don't you wanna be in love, said you wanna be, said you're gonna be


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