Massage Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Massage as performed by Eric Bellinger

Lyrics to song Massage by Eric Bellinger

Got some oil for your body
I'ma rub up on your feet when you get home
Tell me all about it
Especially the things you think that I don't care to know
Girl, I wanna know it all
Girl, I'm tryna know it all
For real

So take your jacket off (off, off)
Take you leggin' off (off, off)
I'ma get on top (top, top)
And give you a massage-age-age

But if my hands go down too low, don't you get nervous
Just breathe, relax, I did that shit on purpose
Yeah yeah yeah
Girl, if my nails start touchin' your spine
And you feel me risin' up from behind

Just slide your panties off (off, off)
I'ma unstrap your bra (bra, bra)
I'ma get on top (ahh)
And start with a massage!
Yeah, oh I
Yeah yeah, ah

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Whoa, oh oh
How does it feel?
This is your happy endin'
How does it feel?
This is your happy endin'
Just keep it real, yeah
This is your favorite part of the song
If you'd like to sing along, go ahead
This is your happy endin'


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