R&B Singer Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song R&B Singer as performed together by Eric Bellinger&Joe Budden

Lyrics to song R&B Singer by Eric Bellinger feat. Joe Budden

Verse 1 - Eric Bellinger
She wanna go through my phone
I'm guessing she wanna be all alone
She must have forgot that I'm an R&B singer
She must have forgot she dealing with a real nigga
She wanna be Sherlock Holmes
She must not know that she could be gone
She must have forgot that I'm an R&B singer
She must have forgot she dealing with a cold nigga

Hope she found what she was looking for
Cause she traded in love, she traded in trust for that bullshit
Hope she found what she was searching for
Cause we was all good til she wanted to pull that bullshit

These are the pro's and cons, I'mma give 'em to you
These are the ups and downs, I'mma sing 'em to you
This the shit that you can expect when you dealin' with a real R&B singer
From an R&B nigga x5
When you dealin' with a real R&B singer

Verse 2 - Eric Bellinger
See, every time I do a show
Or make an appearance on the radio
I meet another fan with a plan
And head back to the telly just to see what it's hittin' for
And baby I swear, I'm sorry
But it comes with the territory
Lookin' like this and soundin' like this, with a body like this
She was bound to be pissed


Verse 3 - Joe Budden
Let's get a few things tucked away
I seen your ex, don't act like this ain't an upgrade
It's just real, I don't mean to alarm you
But if you take the pro's then you gotta take the cons too
Cause if your man really that poppin'
Don't be shocked when you learn that he really has options
You come home seeing parked new Ferraris
Like a cool sorority fueled by pool parties
Something to do when there's nothing to do
But we a couple for a reason, they ain't got nothin' on you
One day I'll dead 'em all, be the mortician
You keep playing your part I'll never need to audition
But you my baby, you could get the world
During threesomes I'll even let you pick the girl
Love how you in love with me, I'll put you up for putting up with me
But understand something...



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