Rihanna Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Rihanna as performed together by Eric Bellinger&K2

Lyrics to song Rihanna by Eric Bellinger feat. K2

I said oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah aye
I said oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Faded ohhhh oh yeah
Tell me why I do this somebody tell me why I do this
One drink away from being clueless
Cant even lie I'm feeling ruthless
Maybe cause I'm faded not gone sit here like I hate it
K ohhhhhhb 2 I told her we can go see Rihanna
You know them hoes love Rihanna
Said we can go and see Rihannaaaaaaa
I be talking my shit oh yeah
She walked in with a blanket she took it off and she was naked
I took a picture to remember she made me promise not to save it
But we forget shit when we faded
She even posed to let me take it
You know she turned into Rihanna I let her fake it till she made it
See I'm in no position to keep a pretty girl from wishing
I already know she on a mission
She gave me a show with no admission
All that for five words and a name x2

We can go and see Rihanna
Why lie why lie
And if she ready to go turn up yeah
You know them hoes love Rihanna
Yes they do
Hoes love Rihanna

Ok I met her at this party
My bro was the one that throw the party
So you know honie had to call me
He point her out and said thats all you
Singing thats all me
I'm like word
Thats all me
My nigga my nigga faded
Then I seen shawty tripping knew her ass couldn't get no bigger
Go figure
I said hold up shawty what you doing right now
Looked on the floor and saw her kitty right now
I ain't gone lie I see the body right now
Don't your name but its judy right now
Chill baby girl I'm fucking you
Had to find a way that I could come and get you
Now you smiling girl thats bingo
You look a lil billingual
I would like to make you team go
Don't be looking for no ring tho
Cause jewelry make sure complicated
Ok I'm full of shit constipated
No I'm not wasted I'm kinda faded
You hella sexy I kinda hate it
That it took so long if I came off wrong please forgive my charm can I take you out


This gone be your favorite....
this gone be your favorite sooonggggg


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