Fantasia Barrino Lyrics

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56 song lyrics by Fantasia Barrino

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 1'Til my Baby Comes HomeFantasia Barrino
  2. 2Ain't all badFantasia Barrino
  3. 3Ain't Gonna BegFantasia Barrino
  4. 4Baby Makin' HipsFantasia Barrino
  5. 5Baby MamaFantasia Barrino
  6. 6BittersweetFantasia Barrino
  7. 7Bore me (Yawn)Fantasia Barrino
  8. 8Bump What Ya Friends SayFantasia Barrino
  9. 9Chain of FoolsFantasia Barrino
  10. 10Change Your MindFantasia Barrino
  11. 11Collard Greens & CornbreadFantasia Barrino
  12. 12Don't Act RightFantasia Barrino ft. Jazze Pha
  13. 13End of meFantasia Barrino
  14. 14Even AngelsFantasia Barrino
  15. 15Falling in Love TonightFantasia Barrino
  16. 16Free YourselfFantasia Barrino
  17. 17Get it RightFantasia Barrino
  18. 18Good Lovin'Fantasia Barrino
  19. 19Got me WaitingFantasia Barrino
  20. 20Hood BoyFantasia Barrino ft. Big Boi
  21. 21Hypothetically (Remix)Lyfe Jennings ft. Fantasia Barrino
  22. 22I BelieveFantasia Barrino
  23. 23I Feel BeautifulFantasia Barrino
  24. 24I Nominate UFantasia Barrino
  25. 25I'm Doin' MeFantasia Barrino
  26. 26I'm HereFantasia Barrino
  27. 27I'm Not That TypeFantasia Barrino
  28. 28If I was a BirdFantasia Barrino
  29. 29In DeepFantasia Barrino
  30. 30It's All GoodFantasia Barrino
  31. 31LighthouseFantasia Barrino
  32. 32Lose to WinFantasia Barrino
  33. 33LuckyFantasia Barrino
  34. 34Man of the HouseFantasia Barrino
  35. 35Move on meFantasia Barrino
  36. 36Not the Way That I doFantasia Barrino
  37. 37Only One UFantasia Barrino
  38. 38SelfishFantasia Barrino ft. Missy Elliott
  39. 39Side Effects of YouFantasia Barrino
  40. 40So Much To ProveFantasia Barrino
  41. 41SummertimeFantasia Barrino
  42. 42SunshineFantasia Barrino
  43. 43Supernatural LoveFantasia Barrino ft. Big K.R.I.T.
  44. 44Surround UFantasia Barrino
  45. 45Teach MeFantasia Barrino
  46. 46The Thrill is GoneFantasia Barrino ft. Cee-Lo
  47. 47The Worst Part is OverFantasia Barrino
  48. 48This is meFantasia Barrino
  49. 49Trust HimFantasia Barrino
  50. 50Truth isFantasia Barrino
  51. 51Two Weeks NoticeFantasia Barrino
  52. 52UneligibleFantasia Barrino
  53. 53When I See UFantasia Barrino
  54. 54When I See U (Remix)Fantasia Barrino ft. Remy Ma
  55. 55Without MeFantasia Barrino ft. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliot
  56. 56You Were Always on my MindFantasia Barrino

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