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This lyrics archive contain a total of 39 song lyrics by artist For). The only performer in all of these lyrics is For) alone. See other artists related to For) at the end of this lyrics archive.

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39 song lyrics with For) alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.(i Just) Died in Your ArmsTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  2. 2.Años de DolorTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  3. 3.Autumn ForeverTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  4. 4.ChainsTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  5. 5.Crimson TwinsTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  6. 6.Dripping Down redTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  7. 7.Dying EmbersTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  8. 8.EndlesslyTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  9. 9.EpilogueTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  10. 10.Fall StrainsTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  11. 11.FarewellTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  12. 12.ForeverTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  13. 13.Frail Without youTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  14. 14.Garden of StonesTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  15. 15.Hollow HeartTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  16. 16.Immortal LoveTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  17. 17.In SolitudeTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  18. 18.In the Heat of the NightTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  19. 19.It's a sinTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  20. 20.JadedTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  21. 21.LacrimarumTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  22. 22.Little DeathsTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  23. 23.Live in youTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  24. 24.LovelessTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  25. 25.Mary-Ann (R.I.P.)To Die for (To/Die/For)
  26. 26.One More TimeTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  27. 27.Our Candle Melts AwayTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  28. 28.Rimed with FrostTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  29. 29.Sea of sinTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  30. 30.Silence Tells MoreTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  31. 31.SpinelessTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  32. 32.The UnknownTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  33. 33.The Unknown iiTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  34. 34.This World is Made for meTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  35. 35.Together CompleteTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  36. 36.Too Much Ain't EnoughTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  37. 37.Veil of TearsTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  38. 38.VeiledTo Die for (To/Die/For)
  39. 39.Victim of LoveTo Die for (To/Die/For)