Overthrown Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Overthrown as performed by For All I Am

Lyrics to song Overthrown by For All I Am

The day you threw your heart straight at me
My mind was gone
Not so dark, that I could not see
I beg the sun
I will never remember, the days you put me to shame
The days that we remember are the days you played your games
Friends, is what you want
We're just not the same
What do you want?
Just get out of my face
I will never be the same again
Don't let this go, I'm holding on
The days that we felt the same
What was once so close, has become so far away
You clenched your fist, and carried the blame
My mind was ready for a war that screamed my name
I stood my ground because you had nothing to show
I stood my ground. You had nothing
You've gone insane, Just please go away
You've lost your mind and soul, you're the same
Flying planes around me, My mind's here for war
Flying planes around me
My war
Our days are wasted away


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