A Higher Standard Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song A Higher Standard as performed by For Today

Lyrics to song A Higher Standard by For Today

This is a call out to all who are left. All brothers and sisters who take the title. You choose for yourself, and if you claim the name, so be it. But get your head in the game. Let’s live it. For if we call on God - it’s clear. He has made it simple. His eternal power & divine nature is clearly seen. So we are without excuse. We are called to a higher standard but we chose it for ourselves. Let’s start a legacy. Right here, right now. With no excuses this time. It’s you, me, and Him. From here we shall go. It’s time to represent proudly but I’ll remind you again. We will be held to a higher standard. It can’t be looked past. The responsibility is great but the rewards are golden & our God is good. His grace will carry us through.


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