Infantry Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Infantry as performed by For Today

Lyrics to song Infantry by For Today

This breath I take with you in mind. This war we fight, we’ll fight by your side. I’ll do anything to keep us together. We’ll do anything to give you all exposure. I’ll be there to comfort you. At all cost. This world will do anything to release it’s demons. At all costs. We’ll fight back with all we have. Making a difference for our God. Let us be more than stories in a book. Make us legends to come. Make us soldiers of men. Bringing strength to the weak & life to the dead. Hope to the hopeless. Knowing this is a total destruction. Knowing this is a total annihilation of my sin, my hurt, and pain. All of these cause us suffering. They can take us to the grave and we will carry on your name. They can take us to the grave.


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