Isaiah (The Willing) Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Isaiah (The Willing) as performed by For Today

Lyrics to song Isaiah (The Willing) by For Today

Here I am, God. Send me to the world. Here I am, God. Send me to the world. There is a burden on my heart to let the world know that You are God. From You, the mighty King of Kings, I learn the word that sustains the weary heart. But, I have been silent for far too long. I love them too much to sit back and watch them die. So take this life that you gave to me, Lord, and speak your heart to a generation. Brothers and sisters, my prayer for you has been heard. And you can take refuge and hope in this Word: This is the end of the world as we know it. Death will hold no power. Dry your tears and lift your head. Death will hold no power. Let the light of life shine down upon a people in darkness. We are the grateful forgiven; the restored and renewed. We will take for ourselves no rest until we are the face of God on the earth. And take no rest, God. Take no rest for yourself. Take no rest, oh Lord. May we be the generation to bring... bring your glory down. ...bring your glory, oh God. ...bring your glory down. Our generation will prophesy. So let the world know, we are a dynasty. Our generation will prophesy. So let the world know, we are a dynasty. Dynasty. We are a dynasty.

The word Dynasty is defined as A prominent and powerful family or group of people whose members retain their power and influence through several generations. This is the Kingdom of Heaven those whose heart for God is worked out in their willingness to partner with Him in His pursuit of souls. Isaiah, the willing prophet, sat at the throne of God as God searched for someone to do His work on the earth. Isaiah, unwilling to see his people perish, replied with Here I am, God. Send me. May this continue to be the desperate prayer of our heart.


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