King Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song King as performed by For Today

Lyrics to song King by For Today

This is my generation, and I will not watch it die. But, you are the only hope. It’s our destiny to stand tall at your side. You are the only hope. Beyond comprehension, your voice will shake the earth. You are the only hope, so I bring you praise.

You are faithful, Lord. In righteousness you judge and make war. You are my victory. Let every knee bow, and every created tongue confess that you are Lord. You are my victory. You will judge the works of man, still I will say, β€œYou are my victory.” So I rise to see your reign manifested. In majesty, take your place enthroned above all.

Eyes of fire. The mountains tremble at Your voice. God of glory, come in justice and righteousness to bring war. God of glory, come in justice and righteousness to bring peace.

I can see coming deliverance from the hand of God. Salvation, come. I can see new dreams awakening, born from the heart of God. Redemption, come. I can see the saints igniting life as the voice of God. Revolution, come.

Long live the King!


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