Psalm Of The Son Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Psalm Of The Son as performed by For Today

Lyrics to song Psalm Of The Son by For Today

Crucify me! The only honor I seek is to live and die for the warrior King. Crucify me! And let the world cry out that I am still too bold, but I won’t back down. Crucify me! And you will see, this flesh will die to liberate my Spirit.

If death has touched my Kingdom, watch, as it bows it’s head in shame. My eyes have seen glory. Watch as I fearlessly procl.. “For me to die is gain.” And so my legacy is set. I am eternal. But, I was born to die, that the sons may live. Let the nations see. I was born to die.

I am everlasting. From the grave, I have come in glory. I am everlasting. When the world burns, know I’ll be standing. Wake up, and see my destiny. When you can wake up, you’ll know I stand as the hope for victory.

No one takes my life, but I lay it down willingly. My words will not fall; this is the heart of God.
My words will not fade. Truth is the ground I built my Kingdom on--and it will stand eternal.


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