The Breaker’s Encounter Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song The Breaker’s Encounter as performed by For Today

Lyrics to song The Breaker’s Encounter by For Today

As I was thinking back,
back to a day,
where it was mid-day,
but the sky was black like midnight.
Seeing a lifeless body impaled by nails
suffering at the blast of hell,
caught my attention cause it looked like a blood bath as I
looked past and saw a broken man
soaked in the white hot wrath of God and I asked why.
I found some answers in His bloody face.
A face I began to recognize in the background of every instance of my life, I ignored.
Suddenly sense these spirits flooding, soothing my rude, rude soul.
Though ruined by the world’s view,
He wooed me,
though crude and without a clue and
screwed up out of my mind
He pursued me ‘til He made me holy.


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