4am To 8am Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song 4am To 8am as performed by G Herbo

Lyrics to song 4am To 8am by G Herbo

I'm living proof that you could do it to
By the time I turned 22 I had an m or few
Get it had a m or few ain't say an m or two
Spread wealth with your nigga why you think it's him or you?
Why you think it's not enough out here for him to get it too?
It's bad enough we limit us, we all criminals
And I woulda said they but this shit mental dude
The system been designed for self don't let it get to you
I'm talking self destructive traps for individuals
But I'ma dumb it down, I'ma humble down, I'ma mumble now
I been in the ring with Satan, had to rumble hours
I guess I had to go through pain to make another album
My mind think about so much shit I be smokin ounces
I need inspiration in the matrix hella hours
I love the studio been in there for 11 hours
It's 4am today this going on my 7th hour

Herbo where you see yourself in ten years? it's hard as shit
Everyday I'm getting sharper, I been smart as shit
And for some reason I feel like this still my hardest shit
Never seen a gangster like this gotta pardon it
Hoppin out a foreign violate parking it
Used to be a tourist broad day sparking it
It ain't shit for me to rap about my life cuz I'm an artist
I get personal and burn this bitch down like an arsonist
Shine bright cuz I survived a lot of darknesses
When I walk I shake the ground like parkinsons
Since 14 on my back it been a target
It just make me go harder cuz I'm knowing why you started this shit
You just want to be apart of this shit
I shoulda left the streets sooner, I got smart at this shit
Played your cards wrong your disloyalty I spotted it
Coulda had smoke with whoever, ain't matter I got in it
Now they change the weather, through the rain whatever
Supposed to stay forever, we coulda changed together
Got that butterfly effect it's like I changed for the better
I ain't got no friends in here nigga I came for the chedda
I came with Berettas, Glocs etcetera
And we'll pop the messenger, he'll try and stop from telling us
I rose from the cellar, in the bank more than regular
Still got some killers with me that'll rob the register
Mansions, marble floors, penthouses everywhere
Been inside the dealership a few but you ain't never there
Man I worked my ass off for this shit I'm tellin ya
Granny house was rats on the rug like Angelica
How the fuck you jealous? why the fuck you yellin?
You ain't up no millions? why the fuck you chillin?
And you ain't securing em? why the fuck you trippin?
You ain't got security? how the fuck you living?
How the fuck you think I did it? by my lonely don't forget it
Gwop said leave the stu it's 8am but I just woke up finished
Everytime they told me that I couldn't that just woke a menace
Blessed I got a million dollar mouth but I don't know a dentist


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