Cap Guns Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Cap Guns as performed by G Herbo

Lyrics to song Cap Guns by G Herbo

I was young and used to think of cap guns back when I was having fun
Now I'm caught up in this rap shit gambling my life for one
Looking back at shit from my past
It ain't much I haven't done
Tryna learn from mistakes like my last one
Cuz I got a son
Started off just shooting baskets
Then we was ditching classes (aye)
Smoking gas and having fist fights
Later turned to blastin'
Grew up got immune to madness
You couldn't even imagine it
Broski ain't get to see my mansion I carried his casket
Went did time
Until he got back I carried his ratchet
I was trappin'
Ain't unwrap it
It stayed in the plastic
Telling broski where a mask
Cuz it played with his asthma
Gage wasn't even 5 foot 7
He carrying plasma's
Could've went to school in dallas
And played for the mavericks
Instead I adapted to essex
And stayed with the savages
Mama said stay where I'm at
Don't come back
She ain't having it
Now when she ask for the racks
It's 5K on a average
Look at how they had us
Look at all those tragedies
Hell yeah we start trappin' shit
Look at all us raggedy
Thank my OG for having me
Fried bologna when I had to eat
All of my teens I was riding the street
Now we the richest they got over east
Never forgot who was laughing at me
Know before rap I was strapped with the heat
Know all the niggas was clapping at me
Never told police what happened to me
90 hallows when we clap at a g
Never reply to who rappin to me
Never was asking for drama
Just stayed in the spot where its that
Catch me lack shoulda squeezed
One to the back
He collapsed to his knees
Ain't have to give him that extra 15
If I would've died in my prime
News would've said that he just was a teen
But I was a teen out doing some
Reckless things
I had a strap in my jeans
Shout out 2013
That's when I lost kobe and peewee
I kept a glizzy a 23
Folks saw the opps with a 3D
That's my kinfolk we ain't GD
My chain got rocks like BB's
May-bach seats got TV's
My c-money rose with VV's
The opp hoes know all my CD's
The opps damn near wanna be me
Gotta go the other way when they see me
If a nigga broke
How he gone see me
Gave niggas hope
Why else they need me
I be everywhere
Prolly bahimi
Bitches partying all in bikinis
Baby I don't even drink martini's
Exotic pack got a hat like a genie
Smoking back for my stress like it ease me
Gotta make this boss shit look easy
But you know it's everything but easy
Money over everything it please me
Money go and everything gone leave me
Where was they before my watch was freezy
To get what they want watch em deceive me
They don't even know me
How they believe me
Sometimes I be thinking from me to me
It be hard for somebody else being me
Back and fourth tryna balance the m's
My love ones and friends
I'm caught in a frenzy
Thinking what my mama was saying
Bout all of my friends
Now all of em dead
Wishing I can call them again
Do it all again
But it's all in my head
Was it really wrong what we did
If we ain't go as hard as we did
Prolly all a be dead
Leaned on each other
Came thru for another
That's all that we had
They don't understand
So call up my lawyer again
That's all that we said
Everywhere we stand
Them ppl was on us for playing them corners again
But they don't understand


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