High School Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song High School as performed by G Herbo

Lyrics to song High School by G Herbo

(G Herbo I'm post traumatic and my nigga Zaytoven back out here in the Raq with me.
It's his 3rd time out here in like 30 days. For real.
I told him I just need some gutta shit just goin all, crazy so that's the wave we been on.)

I'm that nigga when I talk the streets be listening
I ain't see myself this far cuz I was risking it
Now when I hop out the car I'm always glistenin
Half my niggas facing death or just imprisonment

I can't trust him if I question his intentions then
You try and kill me why the fuck you in my mentions then
I completed missions that I coulda been statistics in
Gotta be logistics, all a nigga need is vision man

Why these niggas snitching? Gotta pay for your decisions man
I ain't never quitted how the fuck you think I'm rich again
Charges ain't acquitted gotta give my lawyer this again
Soon as that shit hit the fan I gave him 50 bands

Saw my first height man I got excited
Care about too much I might get indicted
Even though I know better yeah I'm still like it
Reason why I tell my young ones live righteous
Loyal too much that's like one of my vices
Me, Mally and Deng bitch we tight as a vice grip
High speed chases you know how we sliding
Why we need licenses? We dirty and riding
Still out here with my niggas, Coby and Capo are still in my feelings
I remember picking up Maxi ain't day off feelers
I'm thinking vengeance I still got my 38 traffic

Herbo what happened to you?
Get the fuck back fore I snap it'll happen to you
I ain't like them niggas be rappin to you
Yeah I can see you ain't really got no savage in you
Held it all in but that shit really got to you
Save your little money but tell me what do the cash do for you
Can't see your kid as much, when you need balance that shit really damaging you
I see your careers well you got some talents in you
I'ma keep it real don't sound like this rap shit really ain't a challenge to you

Up a million but your hittas ain't got nothing? That's not valid
Nigga my baby boy a star but I'm not Khaled
Niggas wanna pray for my death like so so
Meanwhile I was gettin high in the suite while my girl got on no clothes
Niggas cold hoes, fold like whole clothes
Herbo an old soul, rockin some rose gold
All of my shows sold, V done closed doors
2015 coulda paid me 10k cash or 4 bowls

I'm that nigga take a picture
I'm that nigga now really that nigga
Taxes different 7 figures now
Still up on that same shit as before, just a lil different now
Still will hit em I'm just not the one pullin the trigger now

But nah for real though, gotta make sure our youngins good
Gotta make sure our ladies good, it's time to govern our neighborhoods
Lil bro stop the drillin, cut all that dumb ass senseless killing
I got us if you willing, fuck drug dealing we up them millies uh


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