Lil Ride Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Lil Ride as performed by G Herbo

Lyrics to song Lil Ride by G Herbo

(Yeah, free Juelz Santana, look)
What you doin with that strap lil boy
Don't be moving like that lil boy
Stay up out the trap you don't know
What you doing with them packs lil boy
It's some niggas really like that
And they might make you adapt lil boy

Listen let me gather your attention real fast
Take in all the details this gon go real fast
This a tale about a kid they call him Lil Ride
A lot of real niggas wanna kill him real bad
Petty little bastard, known to give them big shit about some little cash
If winning was a race in life he bound to come in last
He catch you down bad, do what he askin
Don't get blasted cuz he'll kill you real fast
Living life in the fast lane, whole dash
Hit a lotta licks ain't never made no stash
The last come first they say the first come last
Ok let me make you feel him real fast
Grew up they was robbin they was killin real bad
Nigga moms cracked out whole apartment trapped out
Smoke and spit that diamond out
He ain't never felt no love
Sisters brothers slimed him out
Slapped him all around the house
Went outside frownin out
Cryin rivers, drownin out
Shoes bent, clothes big, classrooms clowned him out
Ignore them, they sound them out
Watch they moves, he played the cut
He stayed round about
All he knew was them few blocks
Whatever went down in the hood, he seent the shit
Never had his hand out cuz he watched niggas leech the shit
He rather take, he don't mind dressin in black to creep for it
Watch them all and it wasn't long before he learned their weaknesses
First time robbin, it went left cuz he was starvin
Poor man ain't move right he threw a bullet in his noggin
Young and paranoid as fuck
Feeling like he out of luck
Then threw the gun, he on the run now for 500 bucks
Nigga barely got some cash, thinkin bout his past
Breathing real fast, through the night is he gon last?
Clutching it on it while he high cuz he know he in some shit
Wanna disappear and only way he know is hit a lick
Only rich nigga around is his big cousin, tryna find a route
Cuz prolly stashed a whole brick or two at nana's house
The slowest we keep movin half a brick a day
Plan was get to nana's quick enough to grab the work and get away
Nana senile and she ain't seen him in a while
Noticed who he was cuz he was reeking of the loud
Cuz don't even smoke nigga, cuz never been broken
Cuzzo been playing with thousands
But ain't never been no joking, niggas know that
If you got a bond with family why would you blow that
Ride snuck his ass straight to the basement where that dope was at
Gave nana the longest hug and kiss and said I'm coming back
He ain't never coming back, cuz see his brick snatched
Had them bitches gift wrapped ain't no guess who did that
Now he ready to kill ride, cuz parked right outside with his mag
Tears, blood in his eyes, lil nigga got no ties
He ain't linked with no guys, cuz sliding
And he on that til he gets some answers
Streets ain't got no love, nigga will kill his own blood
Murder his ass in cold blood, like that ain't his whole cousin
And he don't give a fuck bout repercussions
He forever thugging, meek a slugging
Slutting thugs, but she fucking ride now
Texting said he feelin sly
Thinkin shit done died down
Ready for a homicide that bitch up on his side now
And he'll kill his bitch before he let a nigga fire him down
Hood know she fuckin, ride love her like a sucker though
Put a selfie on her page tryna blow his other hoes
Uh oh he ain't let her know
Shoulda let her know that he was wanted
Picture been up 30 minutes, cuz on him
See straight through her hallway, cuz going all the way
Said fuck his guilty conscience he gon do this broad day
All his younger life been havin hard days
Put the car in park go put a spark in cuz heart
So they can part ways
Thinkin bout the days when they used to play
Damn, prolly could have put him on some smart plays
Then he think of hustling how he got this shit the smart way
That's why he can't spare him
There he go he bout to walk his way
Aye, aye cuz aye check it out come here
Bop bop bop bop bop bop


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