Real One Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Real One as performed together by G Herbo&Lil Durk

Lyrics to song Real One by G Herbo feat. Lil Durk

I been gangbangin since a kid that's how we live
So I seen bloodshed before red snow, and that's just how that go
Nobody out here wanna use their head so that's why I had to fly on the go
Said he ain't ever gonna amount to shit but lil nigga a rider though
Had a couple niggas on our hit list so we riding with 4
I don't give a fuck if its christmas I was outside fo sho
We on one, pop out roll up, moving quick gotta get the seal like hold up

And if the feds ever grab my fuckin folder, I'ma stay a soldier
I ain't gonna snitch on no one so therefore I ain't putting myself in this situation no more
Waited long to get where I'm at I ain't gotta be patient no more
Oh you gangsta? nigga you think you gangsta? Do some gangsta shit
On the strip, same niggas I hung with who claimin it
I was hoppin out the backseat of that chevy aiming it
And now I'm worth some Ms I'm dangerous

Your bitch love to fuck me, hit the liquor and start thanking it
They say they got my face on Bellaire so that's why she drankin it
Landed, bought a pint of drank it was fuckin up my pancreas
It's 6am in the stu in the A, me and D.Y. smoking some stanky shit
Shot at me last night I'm angry, so I woke up flaming shit
Nigga got caught on a date, now all his homies blame his bitch
Everybody talking bout I changed and shit, you the one that changed bitch
Matta fact I did change shit, I ain't have no chains then
Crib life I was living in the den, came and count my dividends
Now I'm legal I can spend it then, now my closet my kitchen big
I ain't even tryna miss your calls, I just been on some busy shit
On the phone with his exes I don't wanna hear it
Anything about me gettin rich (yeah uh)

How Durk gonna put on this bitch? Go on google to put on the switch
Told bro I wanna be rich but I stop taking percs cuz it give me an itch
They don't want me to be on that block no more
Don't write about the ops no more
You can't complain that's how I am just tell them don't get shot no more
These nigga ain't beefing, throw in the towel, he told me he vegan
I don't even try to stop the violence no more cuz Chino died at a meeting
Man get the fuck out my face, I was ducking a federal case
He went to Iowa and got him a dub cuz that was a federal state

All that big shit yo big homey did in a year we did in a month
And I draw some tears for all them years for bro and em I can't stunt
I was pissed off at my lawyer, me and Von ain't did shows in months
I can't blame the judge or states attorney cuz both of them voted for Trump
And that shit you said about us we ain't hear that from no bitch mouth
From the Raq, where the killers don't ask for a discount
And all the killers get blicked down
2 bedroom no big house, oneend shots get sent out
Cocky lil nigga with my dick out, bitch


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