Smoke Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Smoke as performed by G Herbo

Lyrics to song Smoke by G Herbo

(Uh hey Ain't no weed rolled up over there?)
(One more time, ain't no weed rolled up back there?)
(Fuck, hand me that cup, uh yeah)

My lil niggas itching he gon take on all missions
Better not play the field pussy I'm gon have my dog sick em
Shoot it out with the whole city, all 50s all glizzies
Pop out wearing black masks we know most of yall witnesses
War between some young niggas likely to involve bitches
Next thing got a wall for the deceased, room full of all pictures
FEDS wanna catch a nigga bad know they all wishing
I'm getting rich so suck a nigga dick I know that yall listening

Chains on me all glistening, blur a bitch vision
Difference is you in that 560, I'm balling out
But just like John Maranch you didn't pick me
Bitch grizzly, thought I lost it but I really didn't
Big frisbee, started on the block but I'm worldwide
Nigga I been trending before verified
When I saw a murder I wasn't terrified
Stuck up in this shit like I'm paralyzed

Gangsters gon unite one day our day arrives
Thankful for my life I pray I stay alive
Movin like the man cuz I got bread now
I can't let the fame get to my head now

Thousand dollar cash mil scullys on my head now
But niggas I was thugging with, gettin money with, they dead now
Paining me, keep flames with me, nigga black out, just see red I
Wised up, might contradict myself on shit I said
I be tryna slow up like Herbo, nigga use your head
Got a bodyguard but nigga be really dependent on that lead
Nigga not no reptile nothing but tears and bloodshed
Nigga not erectile but I keep one up in the head
Niggas fucked up in the head, you get one up in ya head
Feel like I'm one up in my head, niggas like what's up in ya head

Oh that's just tough luck cuz he scared niggas gettin tucked up in they bed
Oh you a killa? Why you ain't slayed? What's them face tats and them dreads
You a pussy boy, go on hits but you keep missing
You a rookie or hollows poppin through your skin like some cooking oil
He ain't really with the sin, he a pussy boy
Go on let the smokers in we been lookin for us


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