Trenches Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Trenches as performed by G Herbo

Lyrics to song Trenches by G Herbo

I'm in that mode

I ain't a killer, but don't push me, 'cause I ain't pussy
Gon' make it home with this .40 'cause I ain't a rookie
Survived cold wars, but it shook me
Caught me snoozin', you losin', you should've took me
My niggas killers, got lil' bro with me in case I ain't lookin'
I be travelin' with 30 shots in a case a opp book me
I might let Lil Krueger open up
Really, bro, how you gon' book me, though? You broke as fuck
See 'em and they frozen up
I stay with some soldiers, nigga, you cannot get close enough
Even by my lonesome, got some shit that make my shoulders jump
You ain't felt a heartbreak like seein' your soul just slump
And we been doin' shit like that, so how you holdin' up?
Got my first rap check, we was pullin' up on niggas
Ain't even put them on the net 'cause we was rollin' up on niggas
Streets though they was a threat, but now I'm rollin' up on niggas
And bro don't let you hold the strap 'cause you be foldin' up on niggas
In the trenches, please deliver us from evil
I'm just tryna do right by my people
Illegal got us where we are now, so illegal do
And the government wasn't there when we needed you
Every time you on the ground, they throwin' feet at you
Ambulance don't try to help, they throw a sheet at you
She couldn't keep her faith in God, she want a needle, too
Same time he met God, he met the reaper, too
Gangster, believe that
Couple verses, I put blood in 'em
I choose rap 'cause I ain't wanna be no drug dealer
Had to turn up, havin' shootouts with some thug niggas
Every day, the same shit, fell in love with it
Need exterminators
We got bugs with us
We got glicks, hot cars, we got gloves with us
Prices come to me so cheap, they be like, "How he get it?"
I just do my thing, I don't know the plug business
Gotta stay that way, you fuck boys love snitchin'
Reason why they gon' leave cuz in the ditches
Aunties on the block, but wasn't no hugs or no kisses
In the kitchen all day, but wasn't no suds on them dishes
How the fuck I get this far? 'Cause I'm ambitious
Name good in the streets 'cause I get vicious, nigga
Niggas snakes and you sneak dissin', nigga, then assist a nigga
Where I come from, they wait 'til you dyin', then they miss a nigga


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