High Road Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song High Road as performed by Glenn Hughes

Lyrics to song High Road by Glenn Hughes


What's the matter friend
Open up your mind again
You're so frustrated
And you cannot decide
You can float away
Get upon a tidal wave
Now let it take you to
the freedom inside
Why don't you take a trip
Don't you wanna get a grip
I just wanna get a message to you
We can leave today
We can motor anyway
So give it me
Let me make up your mind
And I've know that
you've been looking for
a new direction
So leave it to me
Let me tell you what I'm gonna do

I said
Children get out on the high road
Every kinda people
Now don't you wanna ride with me
I won't let you down
Get yourself back on the ground
You're dehydrated
And it's so hard to breathe
You don't need a pill
Somethin' that you wanna kill
So let me take you to
the freedom inside