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Lyrics in Album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (2017)

There is a total of 16 lyrics in Album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (2017). Pick your favourite song and start singing.

Song titleArtist names
  1. 1The PrologueHalsey
  2. 2100 LettersHalsey
  3. 3Eyes ClosedHalsey
  4. 4Heaven In HidingHalsey
  5. 5AloneHalsey
  6. 6Now Or NeverHalsey
  7. 7SorryHalsey
  8. 8Good MourningHalsey
  9. 9LieHalsey ft. Quavo
  10. 10Walls Could TalkHalsey
  11. 11Bad at LoveHalsey
  12. 12Don't PlayHalsey
  13. 13StrangersHalsey ft. Lauren Jauregui
  14. 14Angel On FireHalsey
  15. 15Devil In MeHalsey
  16. 16HopelessHalsey ft. Cashmere Cat


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