Dominic's Interlude Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Dominic's Interlude as performed together by Halsey&Dominic Fike

Lyrics to song Dominic's Interlude by Halsey feat. Dominic Fike

Your eyes are fragile and timeless
It's beautiful
There's power in the words you whisper

He treats you cold and so mindless
But he don't see the setting sun
Your eyes are open when you kiss him

Your eyes are drawn to the wine list (wine, baby, baby)
Usual, the towers in your world are sinking
And if you're looking for signs then
You should know there's power in the words you're thinking

Talk to your man, tell him he got bad news coming
Walk on the edge with someone new
Talk to your man, tell him we made some good time loving
You can take a chance, come take my hand


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