Forward to Golgotha Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Forward to Golgotha as performed by Impending Doom

Lyrics to song Forward to Golgotha by Impending Doom

I'm prisoned by the Belief
of my own Desires
My Eyes, full of Sadness,
are pierced by the
Thorns of bloodred Roses
...And when Darkness
finally surrounds me now
All what remains is Silence
Into the Abyss you see
I'm the Angel of Disease
Oh Father give Hammer & Nails
To punish the Sun of Light
The holy Reek of Putrefaction
I'm the Lord of Mortal Remains
A Song like my Lust for Darkness
My Hymn for those, who are fall
You make my Fire burn
You let me kill my Self
I open wide my Veins
I better close my Eyes
Oh Prince of Fire
Blizzard of Unholyness
Bastard let me do you suffer
Die in painful Death
Onward to Golgotha
Onward to Golgotha