Strength In Numbers Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Strength In Numbers as performed together by In Fear and Faith&A Day To Remember

Lyrics to song Strength In Numbers by In Fear and Faith feat. A Day To Remember

This goes out to everyone who is sick and tired
of being prosecuted for being different.
This is more than just a song,
more like a ballad for those who want to be free
and this is about gathering together against the ones who said
that you can't be whoever you want to be.
So are you ready to stand up for yourself
and show the world what you really think.
Then raise your voice and let them know exactly who you are.
This is all of our family cause this right here, this is a family!

I can't believe that this happening
A million others can't breathe
We follow everything I said
These words are words to live by
We have the power, the strength in numbers
Your eyes are open, but can you see without the light?

So do you notice that cut at your side?
Do you feel the pain? Do you feel alive?
We walk these paths side by side
We will be ok, we will be alive

I am who I am, is that so hard?
To realize that we are who we are
You can't live your life, hoping you were wrong
You can follow us and join the thousand strong

And as we gather together
To face the ones who oppose us
We have one thing left to say.

Your time is up now, this is our world.
Your time is up now, this is our world.
Your time is up now, this is our world.
Your time is up now, this is our world.

I should've known that this was happening
A million bodies trembling.
Fall to your knees, we are here to stay
This is your last chance to be this way
I can finally say this is the way

This was worth fighting, worth dying for!


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