Divided Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Divided as performed by Jamie Notarthomas

Lyrics to song Divided by Jamie Notarthomas

I'm not divided, I'm in control
And I've decided to let it go
And if it comes back,
It was meant to be
And if it don't,
then maybe we can finally be free
What's a transition (I'm not divided)
But neither of two worlds
(I'm in control)
The changing color (I'm not divided)
In rainbow mother of pearl (Let it go)
And like Siddartha, I've seen as two
Neither more true
But knowing somehow
I'll find my way through
Where maybe I can finally
be free...
I'm not sure which one of me
Do I believe in more
So I'm divided, so what
I've lost control (I'm in control)
And I've decided (I'm not divided)
To let it go (Lose control)
And if it comes back, tell it I'm gone
I won't be here
'Cause maybe I have finally moved on
Where maybe I can finally be free
A place where I can finally be free
I'm not divided, I'm not divided