Step Up 2 Miley Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Step Up 2 Miley as performed together by Jeremy Shum&Miley Cyrus

Lyrics to song Step Up 2 Miley by Jeremy Shum feat. Miley Cyrus

Where are we going to go today?
Back to where the streets started fool

We bring it like the mouse Ratatouille
Don't be a good two shoey

Miley Cyrus
We all buy this
Disney loves this
We all love these chicks

Let's go to Supre
We have no say on clothes that don't fit us
Cuz it's worn by sluts
We all buy stuff by Duff yeah

Step up to the streets
Sorry for the leak that I like Andie West
I think she's the best
I would hit her with a paddle cuz I think that's pretty raddle

I like starwars
but we want more
So give us more
Let's rock it out ya'll