If it Matters to You Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song If it Matters to You as performed by Jim Stevens

Lyrics to song If it Matters to You by Jim Stevens

There’s still time if you’re gonna
Still time if you choose to try
Right now the moment’s upon ya
Don’t let this one pass you by
All you can be is here and true
Just call it forth
And you’ll see it work for you.

(There’s) still time for beginnings
Still time for brand new day
A brand new passion for living
What a difference perspective makes
Every choice has brought you here
And every choice will take you farther still, it’s

‘Cause if it matters to you
There’s no mountain you won’t climb
No tome that you won’t do
When it matters to you
You’ll BE then Do all you can do

Don’t forget where you’re goin’
Don’t forget where you’re coming from
It’s a process of knowing
Step by step the wisdom comes
The only real mistake is when
We don’t learn and make that same mistake again

It’s not tome to give up now
It’s the time to make your own breaks
The whole world’s waitin’ upon ya
There’s such a difference you can make
Living dreams don’t fade to gray
(So) Live your dreams
Have faith that you will find a way


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