Justin Bieber Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 96 song lyrics by Justin Bieber. 59 of these are songs where Justin Bieber perform alone, and 37 are songs where Justin Bieber perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Justin Bieber at the end of this lyrics archive.

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59 song lyrics with Justin Bieber alone

Song Name
  1. 1.A Very Bieber Christmas
  2. 2.All I Want Is You
  3. 3.Baby ("My Worlds Acoustic" Version)
  4. 4.Baby (Remix)
  5. 5.Be Alright
  6. 6.Believe
  7. 7.Bigger
  8. 8.Born To Be Somebody
  9. 9.Boyfriend
  10. 10.Can't Live Without You
  11. 11.Catching Feelings
  12. 12.Christmas Eve
  13. 13.Christmas Love
  14. 14.Come Home To Me
  15. 15.Common Denominator
  16. 16.Die In Your Arms
  17. 17.Down to Earth
  18. 18.Fall
  19. 19.Favorite Girl
  20. 20.Forever
  21. 21.Heartache
  22. 22.Hey Girl
  23. 23.How To Love (Remix)
  24. 24.Kiss & Tell
  25. 25.Latin Girl
  26. 26.Lonely Girl
  27. 27.Love me
  28. 28.Love Me Like You Do
  29. 29.Mama's Boy
  30. 30.Maria
  31. 31.Mi Amor
  32. 32.Mistletoe
  33. 33.Never Let You Go
  34. 34.One Less Lonely Girl
  35. 35.One Less Lonely Girl (Version Frances)
  36. 36.One Love
  37. 37.One Time
  38. 38.Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas
  39. 39.Otis (Freestyle)
  40. 40.Out Of Town Girl
  41. 41.Pick Me
  42. 42.Pray
  43. 43.Ride
  44. 44.Runaway Love
  45. 45.Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  46. 46.Set a Place at Your Table
  47. 47.She Don't Like The Lights
  48. 48.Silent Night
  49. 49.Someday at Christmas
  50. 50.Speaking in Tongues
  51. 51.Stuck in the Moment
  52. 52.Swagg's Mean
  53. 53.Take You
  54. 54.That Should Be Me
  55. 55.Thought Of You
  56. 56.Turn To You
  57. 57.U Smile
  58. 58.Up
  59. 59.Where Are You Now

37 song lyrics with Justin Bieber, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 60.All Around The WorldJustin Bieber, Ludacris
  2. 61.All I Want For Christmas Is YouJustin Bieber, Mariah Carey
  3. 62.As Long As You Love MeJustin Bieber, Big Sean
  4. 63.BabyJustin Bieber, Ludacris
  5. 64.BeautifulCarly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber
  6. 65.Beauty and a BeatJustin Bieber, Nicki Minaj
  7. 66.Boyfriend (Remix)Justin Bieber, Asher Roth, Mac Miller, 2 Chainz
  8. 67.Carolina BoisJustin Bieber, David Henrie
  9. 68.Carolina Bois (Extended Version)David Henrie, Justin Bieber
  10. 69.Dr. BieberJustin Bieber, Sean Kingston, Kenny Hamilton
  11. 70.Drummer BoyJustin Bieber, Busta Rhymes
  12. 71.Eenie MeenieSean Kingston, Justin Bieber
  13. 72.Eenie MeenieJustin Bieber, Sean Kingston
  14. 73.Fa La LaJustin Bieber, Boyz II Men
  15. 74.FairytaleJustin Bieber, Jaden Smith
  16. 75.First DanceJustin Bieber, Usher
  17. 76.Happy New YearJustin Bieber, Jaden Smith
  18. 77.Home This ChristmasJustin Bieber, The Band Perry
  19. 78.Ladies Love MeChris Brown, Justin Bieber
  20. 79.MisstepSantiago Monjaraz, Justin Bieber
  21. 80.MisstepJustin Bieber, Santiago Monjaraz
  22. 81.Never Say NeverJustin Bieber, Jaden Smith
  23. 82.Next 2 YouChris Brown, Justin Bieber
  24. 83.Omaha MallJustin Bieber, DJ Tay James, Ryan Good
  25. 84.OverboardJustin Bieber, Jessica Jarrell
  26. 85.Overboard (Live)Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus
  27. 86.Rich GirlSoulja Boy, Justin Bieber
  28. 87.Right HereJustin Bieber, Drake
  29. 88.Runaway Love (Remix)Justin Bieber, Raekwon & Kanye West
  30. 89.Shawty Lets GoJustin Bieber, Sean Kingston
  31. 90.Somebody to LoveJustin Bieber, Usher
  32. 91.Somebody to Love (Remix)Usher, Justin Bieber
  33. 92.That Should Be Me (Remix)Justin Bieber, Rascal Flatts
  34. 93.The Christmas SongJustin Bieber, Usher
  35. 94.Thinking About YouJustin Bieber, Jaden Smith
  36. 95.Up (Remix)Justin Bieber, Chris Brown
  37. 96.We Will E.T. One TimeKaty Perry, Queen, Justin Bieber