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This lyrics archive contains a total of 59 song lyrics by artist Katy Perry. 49 of these are songs where Katy Perry perform alone, and 10 are songs where Katy Perry perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Katy Perry at the end of this lyrics archive.

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49 song lyrics with Katy Perry alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1A Cup of CoffeeKaty Perry
  2. 2BirthdayKaty Perry
  3. 3Black and GoldKaty Perry
  4. 4BoxKaty Perry
  5. 5Brick by BrickKaty Perry
  6. 6By the Grace of godKaty Perry
  7. 7Choose Your BattlesKaty Perry
  8. 8Circle the DrainKaty Perry
  9. 9DamnKaty Perry
  10. 10DiamondsKaty Perry
  11. 11Double RainbowKaty Perry
  12. 12Electric FeelKaty Perry
  13. 13FingerprintsKaty Perry
  14. 14FireworkKaty Perry
  15. 15GhostKaty Perry
  16. 16Hot N ColdKaty Perry
  17. 17Hummingbird HeartbeatKaty Perry
  18. 18I Kissed a GirlKaty Perry
  19. 19I Think I'm ReadyKaty Perry
  20. 20I'm Still BreathingKaty Perry
  21. 21If You Can Afford meKaty Perry
  22. 22International SmileKaty Perry
  23. 23It Takes twoKaty Perry
  24. 24J'ai Embrass矇 une Fille (I Kissed a Girl)Katy Perry
  25. 25Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)Katy Perry
  26. 26Legendary LoversKaty Perry
  27. 27LostKaty Perry
  28. 28Love MeKaty Perry
  29. 29MannequinKaty Perry
  30. 30Not Like the MoviesKaty Perry
  31. 31One of the BoysKaty Perry
  32. 32Part Of MeKaty Perry
  33. 33PeacockKaty Perry
  34. 34PearlKaty Perry
  35. 35RoarKaty Perry
  36. 36Self InflictedKaty Perry
  37. 37SimpleKaty Perry
  38. 38SpiritualKaty Perry
  39. 39Teenage DreamKaty Perry
  40. 40The One That Got AwayKaty Perry
  41. 41Thinking of YouKaty Perry
  42. 42This Is How We DoKaty Perry
  43. 43This MomentKaty Perry
  44. 44UnconditionallyKaty Perry
  45. 45Ur So GayKaty Perry
  46. 46Use Your LoveKaty Perry
  47. 47Waking Up in VegasKaty Perry
  48. 48Walking on AirKaty Perry
  49. 49Who Am I Living for?Katy Perry

10 song lyrics with Katy Perry, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 50BrokenKaty Perry, The Matrix
  2. 51California GurlsKaty Perry, Snoop Dogg
  3. 52Dark HorseKaty Perry, Juicy J
  4. 53E.T.Katy Perry, Kanye West
  5. 54E.T. (Forest242 Remix)Katy Perry, Forest242
  6. 55HackensackKaty Perry, Fountains of Wayne cover
  7. 56If We Ever Meet AgainTimbaland, Katy Perry
  8. 57Rock GodSelena Gomez & The Scene, Katy Perry
  9. 58True LoveKe$Ha, Katy Perry
  10. 59We Will E.T. One TimeKaty Perry, Queen, Justin Bieber


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