That Go (Remix) Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song That Go (Remix) as performed together by Keak Da Sneak&Alchemist&Prodigy of Mobb Deep

Lyrics to song That Go (Remix) by Keak Da Sneak, Alchemist, Prodigy of Mobb Deep

Prodigy (Intro):
Yeah Nigga, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah nigga yeah, yeah
Laid up, laid up; Infamous nigga; its going down
Keak Da Sneak, Uh-Huh “P” (Prodigy), Yeah “ALC” (Alchemist)
What up What up With It?

Child (Intro):
Mozart, Mozart, Mozart

Prodigy (Hook):
Get it, get it, get it, get it, get it
Keep the paper, write on it, and never wait a minute
That money clicks, all the honey dips; wanna ride in the whips, they slide heavily
Slippery hoes you na that go, slimy na mean fo sho?
Hahahaha, “P” (Prodigy) for president; with pistols that pop all that missle shit
All that pussy, pussy; I get all the nucci, I get all the coochie in the middle of the poochie
They got hella booty and heavily faced; make a few down every time a blank
It’s really a small thing, I don’t try hard
I just kick it back and play my part
Never see the bright side, we only see the dark
So I’m ready for whatever it is you want more…
More, more, more, more, more, more, more, more

Keak Da Sneak (Chorus):
That shit go
That go, that go, that go, that go, that go, that go, that go
Na Mean Fo Sho?
That shit go
That go, that go, that go, that go, that go, that go, that go
Yadamean you know?
That go, that go, that go, that go, that go, that go, that go

Keak Da Sneak (Hook):
I said lean wit it, rock, walk, and pop, lock,
Get low, go get go dumb, don’t stop
Going like rushing out traffic, in the fast track
In the car pool lane; with something like three times black
And there ain’t no coming back; Granddaddy hittin hard balls like Barry Bond’s bat
Goin gone, finding something for the feet running; with a fourth counting, the bay slappin’ the trunk for me
Game savior; I cut you with a shavor weather; honey-racks never behave, only catching my own neighbors
Still from the street to the beat; watching this getting; and you ain’t gotta tell me what I’m getting
Bbbbbay on the road again; this my fourth album all that other shit scraped and done
Scraped and done, dipped up put back in your mouth; Brand new media rep smoking more more in and out
Yadada talkin’ bout (know what I’m talking bout); if you didn’t neezle
It’s all n the dizzle so hit the geezle heezle heezle geezle fo’ sheezle

Keak Da Sneak (Chorus)

The Alchemist (Hook):
Yo, eh I’m off the chain; na dawgy, I break the cable
I’m mentally retarded; straight disabled
I eat off the budget and rape the labels
DJ spinning records; oh I break the tables
Pull a plug on them; na dawgy, I put the thug on them
Put lumps on them; throw punches without the gloves on them
I run on them; roll up and pop the trunk on them
I stun on the;, shit on them and dunk on them
They can’t carry the weight; I drop a ton on them
I set it off; yeah, I’m dropping the one on them
I’m straight cash; you can put the funds on them
I guns on them; na dawgy, I bang the drums on them
It’s like we throwin’ off, the lights is out, the phone is off; I’m going off, I’m pulling off, hitting them off,
We rollin’ off; I’m peeling off, killing them off, I break them off that

Keak Da Sneak (Chorus)

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