This Is Goodbye Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song This Is Goodbye as performed by Killswitch Engage

Lyrics to song This Is Goodbye by Killswitch Engage

This is my goodbye x3
But please don't say a word.
I don't exist, I can't be heard.
Each day is a new failure
Every trial is permissive
Every step I gain I only fall back faster

This is my goodbye
But please don't try to stop me

There is nothing left
There is nothing left

It's over, please lay me to rest
Forgive me, let me go
It's my choice so please lay me to rest
Forgive me, let me go

I am no martyr, this place overwhelms me.
Once again I could last
I see no way to be free
I search for the answers
Is there no solution?
I realize my reflection
My reflection is my demon


It's my blasphemy, hoping not to wake.
(Each day...) it's a nightmare, sleep in freedom
You gave but it was not enough
Your strength, it was not enough, never enough.



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