Apart Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Apart as performed by Knuckle Sandwich

Lyrics to song Apart by Knuckle Sandwich

You were young and I was older, how it hurt to
break our ties. I remember our last night and the
tears in your eyes. You were my everything but it
just wasn't our time. Being happy was never easy,
but now I wish I tried. Some people call it going
backwards but they don't realize. I never saw in
another girl what I saw looking in your eyes. And
now it still remains, you're still here inside.
Maybe I am the biggest fool, to try and turn back
time. One more time and every day I wish you'd
call, to give us another try. It was hard from the
start oh sweet child of mine. Your parents
disapproved of me so we snuck around and lied. We
got ourselves a Holiday Inn room for a night. I 'm
coming to pick you up, cause your not old enough
to drive. It's been much to long for me without
you in my arms, without you next to me. It hurt so
bad to watch you walk away and never look back,
you got over me. Who'd a thought it would take ten
years, for me to realize. You've always been a
part of me

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