Twerkin!!! Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Twerkin!!! as performed together by Kreayshawn&Diplo&Sissy Nobby

Lyrics to song Twerkin!!! by Kreayshawn feat. Diplo&Sissy Nobby

Intro: Kreayshawn
Damn girl!
I seen you in clubs
I mean in spin class
I hear you're shakin' that ass now

Hook: Diplo
Now we slow it down
Slappin' on the bass
Can you drop your booty down
'Til your booty's lowercase?
Then we speed it up
Poppin' on the pill
Feelin' on the ?
Let me see your booty drop
Drop your booty down, drop it
Let me see your booty drop
Drop your booty down, let me
Let me see your booty drop
Drop your booty down
Let me see your booty drop
Drop your booty down

Verse 1: Kreayshawn
Booty poppin' on the floor
Don't be shy, better beat her score
On the ground or on the table
Stand up quick and make it stable
Like Milian and Dip it Low
Work it freaky girl like you're on the pole
You ain't no ho, girl we know
We just wanna see that bootyhole
Look at that booty, like the world, so round
Like Rye Rye, shake it to the ground
Don't play dumb or we take 'em to the town
Where bops like you, they get turned out
So come on girl, we ain't no cops
We just wanna see that booty pop
Now strip girl like it's hella too hot
In the kitchen twerkin when we cookin' on pots


Verse 2: Kreayshawn
You know it's a cold world
But you're dressing like it's hot now
You're laying on your back
Smackin' your heels up on the ground now
Lil' ones be comin' down
Like baby doll did her rain dance
We get kicked out the clubs
Cause we can't control our sticky hands
Bounce it bounce it, shake it shake it
Melt it to the core
Roll around and pick it up and
Please me cause I'm your Oh
Come sit on my lap
Now whatcha think of that?
Relax, kid, in your spot
You got me throwin' stacks

Hook x2

Sissy Nobby:
Hello, goodbye
With with w-with them thighs
She good, she fly
She do it, oh my



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