Lana Del Rey Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 51 song lyrics by artist Lana Del Rey. 47 of these are songs where Lana Del Rey perform alone, and 4 are songs where Lana Del Rey perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Lana Del Rey at the end of this lyrics archive.

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47 song lyrics with Lana Del Rey alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.A Star For NickLana Del Rey
  2. 2.AmericanLana Del Rey
  3. 3.Axl Rose HusbandLana Del Rey
  4. 4.Bel AirLana Del Rey
  5. 5.Blue JeansLana Del Rey
  6. 6.Blue VelvetLana Del Rey
  7. 7.Body ElectricLana Del Rey
  8. 8.Born To DieLana Del Rey
  9. 9.Brite LitesLana Del Rey
  10. 10.Burning DesireLana Del Rey
  11. 11.CarmenLana Del Rey
  12. 12.Cola (Pussy)Lana Del Rey
  13. 13.Dark ParadiseLana Del Rey
  14. 14.Diet Mountain DewLana Del Rey
  15. 15.DiscoLana Del Rey
  16. 16.Driving In Cars With BoysLana Del Rey
  17. 17.Elvis (Demo)Lana Del Rey
  18. 18.For K Part 2Lana Del Rey
  19. 19.Gods & MonstersLana Del Rey
  20. 20.GrammaLana Del Rey
  21. 21.JumpLana Del Rey
  22. 22.Kill KillLana Del Rey
  23. 23.Kinda Outta LuckLana Del Rey
  24. 24.LolytaLana Del Rey
  25. 25.Lucky OnesLana Del Rey
  26. 26.Mermaid HotelLana Del Rey
  27. 27.Million Dollar ManLana Del Rey
  28. 28.Money HunnyLana Del Rey
  29. 29.National AnthemLana Del Rey
  30. 30.Off To The RacesLana Del Rey
  31. 31.Oh Say Can You SeeLana Del Rey
  32. 32.On Our WayLana Del Rey
  33. 33.Pawn Shop BluesLana Del Rey
  34. 34.Put Me In A MovieLana Del Rey
  35. 35.Queen Of The Gas StationLana Del Rey
  36. 36.RadioLana Del Rey
  37. 37.Raise Me UpLana Del Rey
  38. 38.RideLana Del Rey
  39. 39.SmartyLana Del Rey
  40. 40.Summertime SadnessLana Del Rey
  41. 41.This Is What Makes Us GirlsLana Del Rey
  42. 42.Trash (Miss America)Lana Del Rey
  43. 43.Video GamesLana Del Rey
  44. 44.Without YouLana Del Rey
  45. 45.YayoLana Del Rey
  46. 46.YayoLana Del Rey
  47. 47.You Can Be The BossLana Del Rey

4 song lyrics with Lana Del Rey, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 48.Party MonsterThe Weeknd & Lana Del Rey
  2. 49.PrisonerThe Weeknd & Lana Del Rey
  3. 50.Stargirl InterludeThe Weeknd & Lana Del Rey
  4. 51.True ColorsThe Weeknd & Lana Del Rey


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