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Lyrics in Album The Dreaming Room (2016)

There is a total of 12 lyrics in Album The Dreaming Room (2016). Pick your favourite song and start singing.

Song titleArtist names
  1. 1Who I AmLaura Mvula
  2. 2OvercomeLaura Mvula ft. Nile Rodgers
  3. 3BreadLaura Mvula
  4. 4Lucky ManLaura Mvula
  5. 5Let Me FallLaura Mvula
  6. 6Kiss My FeetLaura Mvula
  7. 7Show Me LoveLaura Mvula
  8. 8Renaissance MoonLaura Mvula
  9. 9AngelLaura Mvula
  10. 10PeopleLaura Mvula ft. Wretch 32
  11. 11NanLaura Mvula ft. Paula Douglas
  12. 12Phenomenal WomanLaura Mvula


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