Hurt Me Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Hurt Me as performed by Leann Rimes

Lyrics to song Hurt Me by Leann Rimes

Hurt me
Why in the world did you hurt me?
Just when I thought I'd
found someone to trust,
you took away your love and...

Hurt me
I still can't believe you hurt me
Just when I thought it
was safe to come in
You let me want you, and
need you, and then
You left me, like a child in the rain
Now I'm mending myself of the pain
Oh, you hurt me

Yes, you left me
Like a child in the rain
Now I'm lost in an ocean of pain
Oh, you hurt me
I fell in love and it hurt me
Can't you imagine how I'm feeling now?
Oh, will you ever know how?
You hurt me.