No Way Out Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song No Way Out as performed by Leann Rimes

Lyrics to song No Way Out by Leann Rimes

You've got me wrapped up in you
Somehow you let me in
Into your web of
bittersweet, of ecstasy and
Feel like an angel falling out from grace

I try to run, but I keep on falling
And every time I turn around
I hear your voice and it keeps on calling
I'm bound, there's no way out
No way out.....

You wanted me to want you
I couldn't help myself
You became my addiction
I won't need nothing else
Feel like I'm trapped inside these walls
Trying to find my way


It's like a dream, you
can't wake up from.
It's a hunger that can't be satisfied....

No matter how I try there's no escape....

Chorus x2