Lenny Kravitz Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 191 song lyrics by Lenny Kravitz. 183 of these are songs where Lenny Kravitz perform alone, and 8 are songs where Lenny Kravitz perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Lenny Kravitz at the end of this lyrics archive.

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183 song lyrics with Lenny Kravitz alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.A Long and sad GoodbyeLenny Kravitz
  2. 2.A Million Miles AwayLenny Kravitz
  3. 3.A Million Miles Away (a un Millon de Millas)Lenny Kravitz
  4. 4.A new DoorLenny Kravitz
  5. 5.AgainLenny Kravitz
  6. 6.Ain't No Sunshine When She's GoneLenny Kravitz
  7. 7.All Along the WatchtowerLenny Kravitz
  8. 8.All I Ever WantedLenny Kravitz
  9. 9.All my LifeLenny Kravitz
  10. 10.Always on the runLenny Kravitz
  11. 11.American WomanLenny Kravitz
  12. 12.Another LifeLenny Kravitz
  13. 13.Anti Love Song (Sung with Skin)Lenny Kravitz
  14. 14.Are you Gonna go my wayLenny Kravitz
  15. 15.Are you Gonna my way (Vas a Seguir mi Camino)Lenny Kravitz
  16. 16.AscensionLenny Kravitz
  17. 17.B Side BluesLenny Kravitz
  18. 18.Back in VietnamLenny Kravitz
  19. 19.Bank Robber ManLenny Kravitz
  20. 20.BaptizedLenny Kravitz
  21. 21.Battlefield of LoveLenny Kravitz
  22. 22.BeLenny Kravitz
  23. 23.Be my BabyLenny Kravitz
  24. 24.BelieveLenny Kravitz
  25. 25.Believe (Creer)Lenny Kravitz
  26. 26.Believe in meLenny Kravitz
  27. 27.Believe in me (Cree en mi)Lenny Kravitz
  28. 28.Beyond the 7th skyLenny Kravitz
  29. 29.Billy Jack (Custis Mayfield Cover)Lenny Kravitz
  30. 30.Black and White AmericaLenny Kravitz
  31. 31.Black GirlLenny Kravitz
  32. 32.Black VelveteenLenny Kravitz
  33. 33.Blues for Sister SomeoneLenny Kravitz
  34. 34.BreatheLenny Kravitz
  35. 35.Bring it onLenny Kravitz
  36. 36.BrotherLenny Kravitz
  37. 37.Buddha of SuburbiaLenny Kravitz
  38. 38.Buddy xLenny Kravitz
  39. 39.ButterflyLenny Kravitz
  40. 40.CaliforniaLenny Kravitz
  41. 41.Calling all AngelsLenny Kravitz
  42. 42.Can we Find a ReasonLenny Kravitz
  43. 43.Can't get you off my MindLenny Kravitz
  44. 44.Can't get you off my Mind (no Puedo Sacarte de mi Mente)Lenny Kravitz
  45. 45.CircusLenny Kravitz
  46. 46.Cold Turkey (John Lennon Cover)Lenny Kravitz
  47. 47.Come on and Love meLenny Kravitz
  48. 48.Come on Get itLenny Kravitz
  49. 49.ConfusedLenny Kravitz
  50. 50.Dancin' til DawnLenny Kravitz
  51. 51.DestinyLenny Kravitz
  52. 52.DeuceLenny Kravitz
  53. 53.Dig InLenny Kravitz
  54. 54.Dig in (Ataca)Lenny Kravitz
  55. 55.Does Anybody out There Even CareLenny Kravitz
  56. 56.Does Anybody out There Even Care? (Alguien se Ocupa Alli?)Lenny Kravitz
  57. 57.Don't go and put a Bullet in Your HeadLenny Kravitz
  58. 58.DreamLenny Kravitz
  59. 59.EleutheriaLenny Kravitz
  60. 60.Empty HandsLenny Kravitz
  61. 61.EverythingLenny Kravitz
  62. 62.FearLenny Kravitz
  63. 63.Fields of joyLenny Kravitz
  64. 64.FlashLenny Kravitz
  65. 65.Flower ChildLenny Kravitz
  66. 66.Flowers for zoeLenny Kravitz
  67. 67.Fly AwayLenny Kravitz
  68. 68.For the First TimeLenny Kravitz
  69. 69.Freedom TrainLenny Kravitz
  70. 70.Give Peace a ChanceLenny Kravitz
  71. 71.God is LoveLenny Kravitz
  72. 72.God Save us allLenny Kravitz
  73. 73.Good MorningLenny Kravitz
  74. 74.Gotta Have itLenny Kravitz
  75. 75.Heaven HelpLenny Kravitz
  76. 76.Hey joe (with Jeff Healey, Jimi Hendrix Cover)Lenny Kravitz
  77. 77.I Belong to youLenny Kravitz
  78. 78.I Build This Garden for usLenny Kravitz
  79. 79.I Can't Be Without YouLenny Kravitz
  80. 80.I Don't Want to be a StarLenny Kravitz
  81. 81.I Love the RainLenny Kravitz
  82. 82.I Want to go HomeLenny Kravitz
  83. 83.I'll be AroundLenny Kravitz
  84. 84.I'll be WaitingLenny Kravitz
  85. 85.If a Could Fall in Love (si Pudiera Enamorarme)Lenny Kravitz
  86. 86.If I Could Fall in LoveLenny Kravitz
  87. 87.If six was Nine (Jimi Hendrix Cover)Lenny Kravitz
  88. 88.If you Can't say noLenny Kravitz
  89. 89.If you Want itLenny Kravitz
  90. 90.In my Life TodayLenny Kravitz
  91. 91.In the BlackLenny Kravitz
  92. 92.Intro SupermanLenny Kravitz
  93. 93.Is it me is it youLenny Kravitz
  94. 94.Is There any Love in Your HeartLenny Kravitz
  95. 95.It Ain't over 'Til It's overLenny Kravitz
  96. 96.It Ain't over Till It's over (no Esta Terminado Hasta que se Acaba)Lenny Kravitz
  97. 97.It's Your LifeLenny Kravitz
  98. 98.Just as Long as you are ThereLenny Kravitz
  99. 99.Just be a WomanLenny Kravitz
  100. 100.Justify my LoveLenny Kravitz
  101. 101.Justify my Love (the Beast Within Mix)Lenny Kravitz
  102. 102.LadyLenny Kravitz
  103. 103.Let Love RuleLenny Kravitz
  104. 104.Let Your Love Come DownLenny Kravitz
  105. 105.Let's get HighLenny Kravitz
  106. 106.Let's get High (Lleguemos Alto)Lenny Kravitz
  107. 107.Life Ain't Ever Been Better Than it is NowLenny Kravitz
  108. 108.Light Skin Girl from LondonLenny Kravitz
  109. 109.Like Father Like sonLenny Kravitz
  110. 110.Line upLenny Kravitz
  111. 111.Liquid JesusLenny Kravitz
  112. 112.Little Girl's EyesLenny Kravitz
  113. 113.LiveLenny Kravitz
  114. 114.Lonely Rainbows (Sung with Vanessa Paradis)Lenny Kravitz
  115. 115.Looking Back On LoveLenny Kravitz
  116. 116.Love Love LoveLenny Kravitz
  117. 117.Love RevolutionLenny Kravitz
  118. 118.MagdaleneLenny Kravitz
  119. 119.Main Squeeze (Duet with Teena Marie)Lenny Kravitz
  120. 120.Mean SleapLenny Kravitz
  121. 121.Minister of Rock n RollLenny Kravitz
  122. 122.Minister of Rock n' RollLenny Kravitz
  123. 123.More Than Anything in This WorldLenny Kravitz
  124. 124.Move with meLenny Kravitz
  125. 125.Mr. cab DriverLenny Kravitz
  126. 126.My Flash on youLenny Kravitz
  127. 127.My LoveLenny Kravitz
  128. 128.My Precious LoveLenny Kravitz
  129. 129.Natural HighLenny Kravitz
  130. 130.No Expectations (Rolling Stones Cover with Mick Jagger)Lenny Kravitz
  131. 131.Pay for playLenny Kravitz
  132. 132.PushLenny Kravitz
  133. 133.Rebel Rebel (Sung Live with Iggy Pop)Lenny Kravitz
  134. 134.Rock and Roll is DeadLenny Kravitz
  135. 135.Rock Star City LifeLenny Kravitz
  136. 136.RosemaryLenny Kravitz
  137. 137.Silver and GoldLenny Kravitz
  138. 138.SistamamaloverLenny Kravitz
  139. 139.SistamamaloverLenny Kravitz
  140. 140.SisterLenny Kravitz
  141. 141.Sitting on top of the WorldLenny Kravitz
  142. 142.Someone Like youLenny Kravitz
  143. 143.Spin the BottleLenny Kravitz
  144. 144.Spinning Around Over YouLenny Kravitz
  145. 145.StandLenny Kravitz
  146. 146.Stand by my WomanLenny Kravitz
  147. 147.Stillness of HeartLenny Kravitz
  148. 148.Stop Draggin' AroundLenny Kravitz
  149. 149.StormLenny Kravitz
  150. 150.Straight Cold PlayerLenny Kravitz
  151. 151.SugarLenny Kravitz
  152. 152.Sundays MondaysLenny Kravitz
  153. 153.SuperloveLenny Kravitz
  154. 154.SupersoulfighterLenny Kravitz
  155. 155.Superstition (Stevie Wonder Cover)Lenny Kravitz
  156. 156.Take me to the RiverLenny Kravitz
  157. 157.Take TimeLenny Kravitz
  158. 158.The Difference is whyLenny Kravitz
  159. 159.The Faith of a ChildLenny Kravitz
  160. 160.The Future SongLenny Kravitz
  161. 161.The MajorityLenny Kravitz
  162. 162.The Only oneLenny Kravitz
  163. 163.The Other SideLenny Kravitz
  164. 164.The ResurrectionLenny Kravitz
  165. 165.Thin iceLenny Kravitz
  166. 166.Thinking of youLenny Kravitz
  167. 167.This Moment is all There isLenny Kravitz
  168. 168.Tunnel VisionLenny Kravitz
  169. 169.Uncharted TerrainLenny Kravitz
  170. 170.Use meLenny Kravitz
  171. 171.We Want PeaceLenny Kravitz
  172. 172.What did I do with my Life?Lenny Kravitz
  173. 173.What Goes Around Comes AroundLenny Kravitz
  174. 174.What the Fuck are we SayingLenny Kravitz
  175. 175.When the Morning Turns to NightLenny Kravitz
  176. 176.Where are we Runnin'?Lenny Kravitz
  177. 177.Will you Marry meLenny Kravitz
  178. 178.Without youLenny Kravitz
  179. 179.Yesterday is goneLenny Kravitz
  180. 180.Yesterday is Gone (my Dear Kay)Lenny Kravitz
  181. 181.You Were in my HeartLenny Kravitz
  182. 182.You're my FlavorLenny Kravitz
  183. 183.Your Love has got a Handle on my MindLenny Kravitz

8 song lyrics with Lenny Kravitz, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 184.(I Can't Make it) Another DayMichael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz
  2. 185.Anti Love SongSkunk Anansie, Lenny Kravitz
  3. 186.Boongie DropLenny Kravitz, Jay-Z, DJ Military
  4. 187.Guns & RosesJay-Z, Lenny Kravitz
  5. 188.Make NoiseBusta Rhymes, Lenny Kravitz
  6. 189.Show me Your SoulP. Diddy (Puff Daddy), Lenny Kravitz, Loon, Pharrell Williams
  7. 190.SunflowerLenny Kravitz, Drake
  8. 191.Time of Our LifeLionel Richie, Lenny Kravitz